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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Will no one rid me of this turbulent journalist; and El Paso Writer Update: Paredes, Rechy, Mora, Salazar, Gilb, Rodriguez


El Paso Writer Update

Raymundo Paredes was quoted in the story Campus goal: Get out in four
Colleges under pressure to raise graduation rates
in the Houston Chronicle. No more professional students?

John Rechy's Forth Angel made the 'Book of the Day' on the Rookebooks Blog. READ MORE.

Mora's Immigrant Eyes

Pat Mora, who will be in the hometown in a few weeks (Sept. 17-18 EPCC Literary Festival), had her poem "Immigrants" posted on the Mesa Community College website: "wrap their babies in the American flag/feed them mashed hot dogs and apple pie/name them Bill and Daisy/buy them blonde dolls that blink blue..." READ MORE. Also, check out the little comment on Mora's book Dizzy in Your Eyes in The Providence Journal.

Gilb Sounds Cool

The That Sounds Cool blog does a little analysis of Dagoberto Gilb's piece in Harpers, the piece that got a lot of net play. Check out the commentary HERE. Don't forget that Dago will be at UTEP, Oct. 6. You can find more details on our event calender to the right of the blog.

Salazar: 40th Anniversary of his Assassination

There are many repetitive articles on Ruben Salazar making their founds, but I found this one charming: "The O.C. Past of Ruben Salazar" in the Orange County Register: "Lesser known is the story of how Salazar straddled two very different worlds – one in Los Angeles, the other here in Orange County – and how his ability to navigate between the Latino and Anglo communities helped him succeed as a journalist." READ MORE.

Interior of Silver Dollar Cafe 

Also, check out this piece, which is the last news piece Salazar wrote: The Mexican-Americans NEDA Much Better School System.

Will no one rid me of this turbulent 'journalist'

Shedding light on what have been implied directions from Los Angeles Police Chief Ed Davis, this LA Times piece "Ruben Salazar had clashed repeatedly with LAPD in months before slaying" is of interest: "Davis was angry and accused Salazar of fabricating information, recalled Joe Rank, the KMEX vice president at the time, who attended the meeting." READ MORE. Of course, the header above is mine, a la Henry II of England, but worth thinking about.

Democrary Now also posted a story on Salazar, which you can hear by clicking here.

Luis J. Rodriguez in Belgium

The US Embassy in Belgium posted one of Luis J. Rodriguez poems on their website. Woe!: 

Piece by piece
They tear at you:
Peeling away layers of being,
Lying about who you are,
Speaking for your dreams. 

Above, Monica Perales author of Smeltertown (El Paso Times)

Perales Visit

Don't forget Monica Perales visit this week. Please see our events calendar to the right. She is the author of Smeltertown; read Sunday's El Paso Times article: Smeltertown's Story: Historian chronicles birth, growth and death of her family's neighborhood by Ramon Renteria.

Other news on books and writing 

Human Rights Watch posted an article called "The New Challenge to Repressive Cuba," which is actually a republished piece from the New York Review of Books: There are more than one hundred unauthorized bloggers in Cuba, including at least two dozen who are openly critical of the government." READ MORE.

Check out one of these bloggers, Yoani Sanchez, who's photo is featured in the above-mentioned article: http://www.desdecuba.com/generationy/

NPR suggests 3 Books for Surviving Graduate School. READ/HEAR MORE .

Check out Matthew Pearl's article The Novelist Wars in the Huffington Post. Pearl writes: "Here is a long form narrative mainly read originally by consumers who were only newly literate or limited in their literacy. The novel ranked below poetry, essay and history in prestige for a long time. Anxiety about proving the novel's seriousness has receded but never really left us." READ MORE. Also on the Post is Anis Shavani who will be featuring a series of short stories writers talking about their craft:Short Stories: Writers Talk About The Form To Anis Shivani.


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