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Friday, April 20, 2012

4-20 Revisits

Saving ASARCO's smokestack to create “superjoint” to cost $14M 

Preserving ASARCO's smokestack to make a giant marijuana joint to the benefit of UT El Paso (UTEP) students would cost $14 million a new study says.

Last year, the City of El Paso held public meetings regarding the fate of the old American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) smelter. City Council later passed a resolution to burn marijuana in the giant incinerator within the smelter using the old smokestack as a literal "superjoint.


 Report: Criminals smuggle up to $39 billion in drugs while CBP and Hudspeth County Sheriff Arrest Willie Nelson

The Government Accountability Office is calling for urgent action after Mexican cartels smuggled up to $39 billion worth of drugs into the United States, all during Willie Nelson's 4-and-half-hour arrest and booking in Hudspeth County, TX last month.

The Metro Organization for TexasTea Acquisitions or MOTA, estimates the while Customs and Border Protection and Hudspeth County Sheriff were occupied with Nelson, an estimated $39 billion was smuggled through Hudspeth County alone.