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Friday, September 10, 2010

El Paso Writers Update; some Blog Updates; Book and Writing News


El Paso Writers Update; Blog Updates; some Reading and Writing News


Saturday, Sept. 11, Roberto Avant-Mier, will sign his book "Rock the Nation" at 1pm, Westside Barnes and Noble in El Paso. 

Saturday, Sept. 18. Sasha Chacon will sign her book of poetry, "Inside She Swallowed," at 1pm at the Barnes & Nobel, Westside in El Paso, 1pm

Next Week

Pat Mora will be back in the hometown and will speak at UTEP on Thursday, Sept. 16. Here are the events:

Thursday, Sept. 16. Presentation: “Dieciseis de septiembre with Pat Mora” 7 p.m. Undergraduate Learning Center, Room 106 at UTEP. Reception to follow. Sponsored by the Department of English and Chicano Studies. Contact: (915) 747-5731.

Sept. 17-18. EPCC Literary Festival. Featured writers include Pat Mora, Christine Granados, Maceo Dailey, Jr., Claudia Guadalupe Martinez, Carolina Monsivais, Lex Williford, Selfa Chew among others. EPCC ASC Bldg. "A", El Paso, TX.
-- Sept. 17 -
Fiesta opens with a free reception for author, educator, and poet Pat Mora, winner of this year's "Literary Legacy Award," 5:30pm
-----9:30am. "Women Voices Rooted in El Chuco" reading performances by Christine Granados, Claudia Guadalupe Martinez, Carolina Monsivais, and Beatriz Terrazas
--- 11am. Conversation with Pat Mora and Jacquelyn Stroud
--- 12:30pm. Community Stories from El Paso and Beyond - Selfa Chew, Macio Dailey, Marica Daudistel, and Lex Williford
--- 2pm Celebration: Presentation of EPCC "Community Spirit Award" to Cinco Puntos Press for 25 years of publishing


The El Paso Times noted some El Pasoans who come out in Rodriguez' "Machete" movie: READ NOW.

Juan Contreras reads next week at the Flor y Canto redo that is occurring at USC.

Ruben Salazar Remembered

A lot of stuff out on Ruben Salazar. Listen to this Special Report from KPFK on Ruben Salazar, hear it now.

Paredes and Education Funds in Texas

Raymund Paredes in the news a lot these days, at least in Texas. In "Texas Grants Face Big Cuts Next Session" the Texas Tribune says: "Established by the Legislature in 1999, the Toward Excellence, Access and Success Grant today is the state’s largest financial aid program, and it covers full tuition at most state schools. To be eligible, a student must have graduated from high school — without getting a drug conviction along the way — and be an entering undergraduate." READ MORE. Also, check out "North Texas universities brace for tough times ahead on state funding."

The Texas Community College Teachers Association also posted a comment commenting on Paredes extensively regarding: "As reported here previously, the Coordinating Board and Commissioner of Higher Education Raymund Paredes have proposed a system to change the way Texas colleges and universities are funded. The proposed model is based on a program pioneered in Washington State, utilizing a variety of "Momentum Points" for which schools would be rewarded as students advance." READ MORE

C.M. Mayo's book translated by Agustin Cadena

From the American Independent Writers Blog, "C.M. Mayo’s novel The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire will be published this month in Spanish translation by award-winning Mexican novelist Agustin Cadena as El último príncipe del Imperio Mexicano (Random House- Mondadori). Mayo’s poem for children, “People Who Pat Me, by Picadou” together with a short essay, appear in Karen Benke’s new anthology Rip the Page! Adventures in Creative Writing (Shamabala, 2010)"

Solis directs McCraney play

There was a San Francisco Chronicle article on the 3-play premiere of Tarell Alvin McCraney plays. The article states, "McCraney's "The Brother/Sister Plays" trilogy was a highlight of last season in New York, London and Chicago. It's about to make Bay Area history with an unprecedented three-theater premiere, a collaboration among Marin Theatre - where Rilette's staging of "Red and Brown" begins previews this week - the Magic Theatre, where playwright Octavio Solis is directing "Brothers Size," and American Conservatory Theater, which will open the third play, "Marcus; or, The Secret of Sweet," directed by Mark Rucker, in November." READ MORE.

Also, check out the "Terell Alvin McCraney's 'guerilla theatre'" on the Mercury News. Read Now.

Gilb Bio

I caught Dagoberto Gilb's bio on the University of Houston-Victoria's website: Dago's Bio.

Collection pays honors Ray Gonzalez

A review of Carmino del Sol: 15 Years of Latina and Latino Writing mentions Ray Gonzalez: "No Slouches: The UA Press celebrates its Latina/Latino series with a compelling new compilation."

Blog Update

Mario T. Garcia posted on his National Catholic Reporter blog "Lessons from the Chicano anti-war Movement": No other minority group rallied against the war as did Chicanos. As part of the Chicano Movement -- the largest and most significant civil rights and empowerment movement in the history of Mexican-Americans in the United States -- the Chicano anti-war movement focused its opposition to the war on two major issues." READ MORE.

C.M. Mayo in her Maximilian and Carlota Blog writes about a 1868 magazine article "A Court Ball at the Palace of Mexico." Published in the Overland Monthly in 1868, READ THE ENTIRE POST NOW

Writing and Book News

We often quote a lot from articles and blog posts as well as use images. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has posed an article on one law firms that is seeking to make money off of "fair use" by suing people that quote articles and such. Read the full article "Righthaven's Brand of Copyright Trolling."

Check out this article in the Huffington Post on the graphic novel Cuba: My Revolution. READ NOW. The Huff also points out that the Wall Street Journal will begin a book review publication. READ FULL STORY. The Huff also had a piece called "Six Myths of Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts."

With the fall publishing season coming out, National Public Radio had a piece "How to Sell A Book: Good Old Word of Mouth": "When it comes to selling books, Heather Fain, marketing director for the publisher Little, Brown and Co., said there is one surefire weapon — and it's not brand new or high-tech." READ AND HEAR MORE.

An intersting post by Chicano writer Robert Vasquez on his blog Califonia Poet: "Those of us who've been formally trained as writers, who've been the beneficiaries of writing workshops taught by respected practitioners who discuss issues of craft line by line, syllable by syllable, often have to witness or tolerate naive notions about writing and the teaching of writing; such naivete is a constant emanation from colleagues in the teaching ranks or from administrators or even from students who "profess" to know what works best to help students become better writers." READ MORE.


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