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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

National Weather Service Issues Chicanos Driving in Snow Warning for El Paso

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano describes the size of the pendejismo of some drivers and NM Gov. Susana Martinez
National Weather Service Issues Chicanos Driving in Snow Warning for El Paso

by Dan Nevado
Posted: 02/01/2011 12:00:00 AM MST
UPDATE: El Paso County Health Department issues a Yellow Snow Cone Warning. Because El Paso only gets snow once-a-year and sometimes not, citizens are advised, unless you are R. Kelly, do not eat or buy any yellow snow cones.

With one-third of the nation being hit by the massive storm, the National Weather Service has issued a “Chicano Driving in Snow” Warning for El Paso.

With the 2 cm. of snow expected to fall on El Paso in the next six hours, El Pasoans are warned to watch for drivers who have never worked the migrant stream in or lived in the Midwest, Colorado, or the Northwest. These drivers can pose potentially life-threatening circumstances as they have not learned the “tap, tap, break” or they have not change their tires in 15 years. 

Janet Napolitano was in El Paso this past Monday to personally ask Chicanos not to drive in the snow. “Also, by all means, don't drive in the snow in New Mexico because Susana Martinez might deport you,” said Napolitano.

NWS warns if your tires look like Mr. Cleans's head (above), stay home.

The National Weather Service warns that that automobiles with the following tire wear should not take the road:

  • Llantas usadas hasta la chingada
  • Llantas que parecen la cabeza de Mr. Clean
  • Si usas la prueba del penny Lincoln, llantas que esconda Lincoln hasta la verga

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano explains proper tire tread during recent UT El Paso visit

Drivers are asked to especially be on the lookout for Chicano drivers who have been driving with their mini-spare tire for six months.The National Weather Service warns that if snow accumulates to 3 cm in El Paso, only drivers who have lived in Chicago will be allowed to take to the streets.

The Chicanos Driving in Snow Warning is set to expire by 5PM Wednesday afternoon. Deportations and dividing of families in New Mexico is predicted to continue as long as Gov. Susana Martinez is in office.

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