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Monday, February 20, 2012

Lunes con Lalo: Focus Groups

Lunes con Lalo
Poetic Wisdom for Your Week
by Abelardo B. Delgado
Focus Groups

Hocus pocus,
out of focus
focus groups,
a few months
end up dictating
what must be done,
outlining health needs
shared by an entire community.
The vocal ones
even dare
prioritize and program
for those needs.
Those who best articulate
concerns and issues
determine the future
of the many who won't speak out.
Humans are consistently
misrepresented, politically,
ethnic and racial wise
and geographically as well.
Some go to heaven, others to hell.

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from La Llorona: 43 Loronas of Abelardo
(c) Abelardo B. Delgado
Published with permision of the Delgado family.

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