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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

El Paso City Council Changes Name of San Jacinto Plaza to “Paul Foster Plaza”

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El Paso City Council Changes Name of San Jacinto Plaza to 
“Paul Foster Plaza”
Mexicans to be allowed back into 'Plaza de el Ingrato'

by L. Caiman
Posted 11:00  pm, July 20, 2011 MDT

A man was ejected from City Council this morning after disrupting a controversial vote in which city representatives changed the name of San Jacinto Plaza to “Paul Foster Plaza.”

The names change comes as Mill Plaza Properties once again introduced a re-design of their redesign of San Jacinto Plaza.

“We are listening El Paso,” said Peter Small. “And we have asked Mr. Foster if Mexicans can once again be allowed into San Jacinto Plaza, and Mr. Foster gave a resounding 'yes'.”

However, the deal to let Mexicans back into San Jacinto Plaza does not come without some compromise. The agreement with city council includes changing the name of the plaza to Paul Foster Plaza, erecting a wall to keep Mexicans to their side, and allowing the building of condos right on the plaza grounds.

The city vote has brought criticism from all side. “This is ludicrous,” stated Tex Arkana for the El Paso chapter of Sons of the Texas Republic, “San Jacinto was our Texas Republic victory.”

Jorge Gomez, a dayworker, asked about the city's recent vote on San Jacinto Plaza, also known as "Plaza de Los Lagartos" said, "¿Que, Plaza de el ingrato?"

Nevertheless, Mexicans will now allowed into the plaza as long as they show identification. The watchtowers with machine gun nests are not the only new things to be installed at the Paul Foster Plaza. 

The redesign of the redesign includes a giant Paul Foster head made out of native bushes and an illuminated sign that will be lighted every December.

"The redevelopment of downtown is going full throttle," said Rep. Steve Ortega, "I'd like to thank all those helping to redevelop downtown like Paul Foster, William Sanders, Tom Lea, Sr. and other who help redevelop the Americas like Hernan Cortez, Juan de Onate, Francisco Pizarro, the 7th Calvary,  Colonel John Chivington, Rufus Ryker, and General Zod.

“The new redesign will satisfy Luis Jimenez' Los Lagartos fans,” says City Manager Joyce Wilson, “as it keeps the alligator motif with a giant alligator sculpture made out of flan which Mexicans will enjoy for generations.”

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ortegop@wnmu.edu said...

Good Lord! Such an historic site should have retained an Hispanic ligature in its new name.

Felipe de Ortego y Gasca, Ph.D.
Scholar in Residence
Western New Mexico University

Texas Western: BA, 1959; MA, 1966

Anonymous said...

In response to L. Caiman, story.

This is brilliant political comic relief.
Thanxx for providing the valve!

jesus b ochoa said...

in the spirit of tex arkana, i will out the self hating steve ortega, whose real name is e'gator. the family changed the name time back after being accused of engaging in trans-species sex.