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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Report: Criminals smuggle up to $39 billion in drugs while CBP and Huspeth County Sheriff Arrest Willie Nelson


Report: Criminals smuggle up to $39 billion in drugs while CBP and Hudspeth County Sheriff Arrest Willie Nelson

By Mary Weaver


The Government Accountability Office is calling for urgent action after Mexican cartels smuggled up to $39 billion worth of drugs into the United States, all during Willie Nelson's 4-and-half-hour arrest and booking in Hudspeth County, TX last month.

The Metro Organization for TexasTea Acquisitions or MOTA, estimates the while Customs and Border Protection and Hudspeth County Sheriff were occupied with Nelson, an estimated $39 billion was smuggled through Hudspeth County alone.

The GAO estimates the Willie Nelson influences the U.S. economy in ways previously unknown.

“For example,” says James Bolillo, head of the Department of Nelson-US Government Comparison at the GAO, “during Willie Nelson's last arrest on a marijuana charge, 134 small farmer lost their farms.”

“Nelson is much better,” says Boliyo, “at helping small farmers than the US government. In fact, the ratio of Nelson's success at saving small farms in comparison to the U.S. Government is 4:20 with Nelson saving 20 small farms in comparison with the US government's 4 farms.”

However, Nelson assistance to the US economy does not stop there says Pizca Mohasky, president of the Growers of Reefer, Indonisanbud, and Flower Association or GRIFA. “Nelson's consumption alone of our product in a regular year,” says Mohasky, “is 12% of the GDP. His assistance to small farmers comes in many forms and add the sparks that Willie Nelson's fan base gives to small farmers, the economic stimulus is smoking.”

Contrasting the GAO's finding, Asst. Secretary of Agriculture, Cory Poratpharms, said that the USDA gave million of dollars in water subsidies to agribusiness last decade, and then give them subsidies not to use the water. 

Nelson poses for fans in Hudspeth County

“We've helped many farmers in the last decade with subsidies,” says Poratpharms, “including Ken Lay, Scottie Pippen, Sam Donaldson, Ted Turner, and David Rockefeller. (Heritage Foundation Backgrounder 1542, April 30, 2002, Link).

Above, the late Ken Lay, a hard-working American farmer

Poratpharms adds that the USDA has also made easier to be defined as a “farmer” including, according to one study, 413 municipal governments, 44 universities, and 14 prison systems (source). 

"Good American farmers such as Chevron Oil; John Hancock Life Insurance; Caterpillar Manufacturing; and Archer, Daniel Midland," says Poratpharms, "are tilling the soil everyday to put food on our table, that  is, unless we pay them not to" (Source).

Once ounce of marijuana

Stetson-wearing Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West, provided no comment when asked why so much county resources should be dedicated to 6 ounces of marijuana while cartels runs tons of marijuana other drugs on an hourly basis through his county.

West, assuming that Wilson, who was born into poverty in Abbott, Texas during the Great Depression, has never a washed dish in his life, mentioned he would make Wilson, well - wash dishes.

Some have suggested that West is looking to boost Nelson's record sales and Internet downloads. “You can't ask for better publicity,” says Wayne Goodall of the Country Singers Publicist Association. “Not to mention publicity for all the causes Nelson supports.”

Nevertheless, the GAO is still calculating how many family farms may have been lost during Nelson's 4-hour ordeal.

As for Nelson, who is frequently quoted saying “Don't Do it In Hewit” after a previous arrest on a marijuana charge near Hewitt, Texas, said “Don't Huffit in Hudspeth.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Hudspeth County were cartels were distribution their latest drug load, Fijate Deveras, director of public relations for the cartel, thanked Sheriff West and CBP for their precocity in using taxpayer resources and effectiveness at preventing drug smuggling. "Do Meth in Hudspeth!" she added.

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