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Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Flooding in El Paso; Lincoln Barrio hit badly

Is the city letting the Lincoln Barrio flood so it can building more hospital land there?
See article:
Rains drench region; Rio Grande overflows

Fears increase as river inches to flood stage

Also, El Paso's sheriff wants to make sure that families of mix immigration status and victims of domestic violence who may be undocumented don't call the Sheriff's Department for help. To see the story, clerk here.

This disappointed me. Everyone knows the law enforcement and the Chicano/Mexicano community have never been real good friends. Even in a city like El Paso where you district attorney, sheriff, etc are all Latino or "Hispanic." Most law enforcement use racial profiling as is, now adding immigration enforcement to their duties of the sheriff's deputies, means they'll have to profile more.

There are several good reason that law enforcement should not enforce immigration laws. First, it breaks down the trust between the Chicano community and law enforcement. Not that there was any to begin with. Over half of Chicano and Latino families are of mixed immigration status. This means that some in one household might be citizen, a tia might be a permenent resident, one might be a refugee, another might be undocumented. If we see neighbor's house across the street being broken into, why should we call the sheriff is they are going to take our relatives away.

Also, it's been shown that women who are victims of domestic violence are less likely to report their situation to the police because it may involve them or their husband being deported if they are undocumented. When our immigration system treats women as property already, this makes sheriff enforcement of immigration harder on these women.

Another reason, is the most law enforcement are not trained to do immigration enforcement. If police and sheriff departments are racial profiling and committing abuses already, this is likely to increase if they enforce immigration laws. I was speaking to one ICE (which enforces immigration law) official, which I won't name, and he said over 75% of calls/tips about "illegals" turn out to be citizens. He said, "It pisses us off because most Americans think any brown person is undocumented and when we go out and check, it just wastes are time."

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