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Friday, August 18, 2006

Fronteriza Papers Slug it out

Years ago when the El Paso Herald Post folded, the El Paso Times had no rivalry in the city. Worker at the Times would tell me that the would rush to get the afternoon paper to see how the Post covered the same story. This occured even though the Post was owned by the same company as the Times and was just over the skybridge in the next building. But that ended when with the demise of most afternoon papers.

It was always a rumor that El Diario de Juarez would start their own Spanish-language daily on the El Paso side of the river. I can't quote a statistic but word was the El Diario de Juarez out sold the Times in El Paso. I don't know if that is true, but the rumor came true and El Diario de El Paso was born. Later, the Times would start doing some Spansih language stuff to fight back. All this is very interesting to me as a writer. The news of the Diario coming onto the Times turf sparked national news.

Recently, El Diario sued the Dallas Morning News for defamation. Check out this story: Avanza la demanda de EL DIARIO contra The Dallas Morning News. Also see The Newspapers Tree's story.

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