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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Carlos Monsivais dies at 72

Carlos Monsiváis Aceves 
(May 4, 1938 – June 19, 2010)

Truely one of the greatest human rights activist of our time. With Mexico's tradition of the 'public intellectual' Monsivais was called upon to critic the nation he loved time and time again, as well as the neighboring nation to the north of Mexico.

Monsivais visited UTEP in 2000 or so. I remember reading translation of Monsivais works in a book at the Barnes and Nobel in El Paso. So when he came to visit, I was working in the office that sponsored the event. I met him and I knew he was a great Mexican scholar but embarrassingly did not put two and two together until after a few moments. 

Monsisvais gain my respect as when he always referred to Chicanos he called us "nuestros hermanos chicanos." I've been scanning the articles post on the web honoring him. Not many talk about the vato's humor. He was a very funny man.

There's a lot written out there on this great writer and human rights activist, so I'll just lead you there. Here is the link to the Los Angeles Times obit:

and here is the link on La Jornada:


Monsi, por que te Vais?-Hernández

 from La Jornada (http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2010/06/20/index.php?section=cartones&id=0)

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Raymundo Eli Rojas said...

El cuerpo del prolífico escritor fue recibido por una multitud en el Museo de la Ciudad de México, donde es velado y muchas personas expresaron: “Monsi, al Zócalo; homenaje popular, no oficial”