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Octavio Romano

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Los Minutemen

According to Fox News, El Paso is "ground zero" for illegal immigration. Last week, they were broadcasting out of Sunland Park, where the Minutemen, the anti-immigration group, was organizing to patrol the border in this area. According to the ACLU, the group has announced their intent to patrol areas along the border in New Mexico and El Paso starting in October. This group has been accused of numerous abuses against undocumented individuals in Arizona and by checking out their websites, this group has a significant number of neo-nazi, white power members.

To prevent abuses, the ACLU has organized numerous activities in the El Paso area. One is the Legal Observer program, which is comprised of volunteers that attend demonstrations, protests, and watch the Minutemans to ensure that human rights are upheld. For more information, check out their website, www.vigilantewatch.org

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