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Monday, August 22, 2005

Back in the home town - Alberto Mesta

Well. I was back in the home town last week. It's changing everyday. They closed up Montwood Street from Yarbrough to McRae, so that was a hassle for my part of town.

I was sad to see that they tore down Eastwood Middle School. They are building another, well, building. Apparently the old building was sinking as are many of the houses in the area of the school. The foundations are cracking. It wasn't sad to me like they were tearing down La Bowie or something, just Eastwood Middle was where I was the most travieso and had most of my fun as a teen.

I was able to do some good research on some of my projects, met with friends, and colleagues.

One thing of interest is that El Diario has finally began publishing in El Paso. They have their paper holders everywhere in the city, right next to the El Paso Times. It's a full fledged Spanish daily newspaper. I notice the results right away. Both El Diario and the El Paso Times are running large headlines and getting more aggressive, I hear, on the quality of their stories.

While I was in EPT, there want a lot of pollution. They skies, when it wasn't cloudy, were very clear and you can see the mountains (even those in Cd. Juarez) .

I dropped by the Chase building to try the legendary tortilla soup at the Tres Colores restaurant there in the building. It was not as good as I remembered it.

In may part of town, you never saw many of the things you saw in the old Barrios around town. You never had a Nachitas on Alameda or a San Juan Grocery. It was always Skaggs or Safeway, later Big 8. There was one torterilla that opened up near Wedgewood and Montana. I don't think it lasted very long. Much has changed. At both the Walmart in Ruidoso and the Big 8 near my house they were roasting the green chiles in the thing-a-magic that looks like a lottery ticket spinner. You can smell the chiles as you parked your car. There was also a torterilla across from Big 8. That wound not have been there 20 years ago. Actually, the rousting to chiles is not new at Big 8, so I don't know what I'm talking about, but you only see that in El Paso and other places in the Southwest.

Bueno, I'm glad to announce that my friend and fellow passim, Alberto misty, Jr., has joined me on the plume frontier's bloc. Albert has long been a partner in crime with me through our times with UTEP MEChA and ChPLS (Chicano Pre-Law Society). Alberto received his law degree from UT and his BA from la UTEP. He currently practices in EPT.

Look ahead for some news post. We have to catch up since we skipped all last week. Take care everyone.

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