"Chicano writers from El Paso are the most progressive, open-minded, far-reaching, and inclusive writers of them all."

Octavio Romano

Monday, August 08, 2005


Hi folks, I havn't had time to put in a long post, so I'll just share some links with you today on some interviews available on the web. These are interviews of El Paso writers, mostly Chicano(a):

Interview with Sergio Troncoso (LatinoLink)

Interview with Benjamin A. Saenz (Texas Observer)

Interview with Octavio Solis (El Andar)

Interview with Luis J. Rodriguez (HarperCollins)

Another one with Rodriguez

Interview with Dagoberto Gilb (Nidus)

Interview with Richard Yanez

Interview with Denise Chavez on Gloria Anzaldua (with Sandra Cisneros and Maria Hinojos)

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