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Monday, September 25, 2006

Judge Edward Marquez walks on

I just caught this, local hero Judge Edward Marquez passed away. I has just seen him a few week ago crossing the street in Downtown El Paso. I remember yelling, "Hey, isn't that Judge Marquez!"

Family, friends, colleagues recall a hometown hero

Judge put El Paso on political radar
By Ramón Rentería / El Paso Times

Eddie Marquez held photos of his father, retired Judge Edward S. Marquez, who died last week at the age of 75. (Debra Gulbas / El Paso Times)
Edward S. Marquez embraced a double life, impacting hundreds of lives as a humanitarian and as a low-key but outspoken state judge.

Marquez made national headlines in 1994 when he convened a series of courts of inquiry and challenged the state of Texas to stop shortchanging his community in everything from money for highways to social services for hundreds of abused and emotionally traumatized children, the elderly, and mentally ill people.

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