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Friday, April 29, 2011

Best Blog Posts in March on a Chicano Writer Blog

Best Blog Posts in March on a Chicano Writer Blog
Once a month, and this month, very late, we give the last month's "best blogs by a Chican@ writers on their own blog."

So before April ends, I need to talk about the best blog posts of March and there are a lot. One thing I notice was the Chican@ solidarity with the people of Japan in the aftermath of the tsunami, the earthquake, and nuclear disaster.

"Almost seventy years later, politicians, supposedly representing the white majority, are still attacking their darker-skinned brothers and sisters during war, chaos, or economic uncertainty. They are spreading fear by lies and innuendo to turn Americans away from tackling the very real joblessness and home foreclosures spreading across the land (and afflicting people, regardless of race)."

9. César E. Chávez (March 31, 1927 – April 23, 1993) on the Rafael Jesus Gonzalez Blog

Enséñame el sufrimiento de los más desafortunados;
así conoceré el dolor de mi pueblo.
Líbrame a orar por los demás
porque estás presente en cada persona.

8. Wisconsin: Critical Junction for Labor on the Luis J. Rodriguez Blog

"Organized and unorganized, working people in this country are standing up against the corporate thieves and their government cronies (in particular, the Republicans in Congress and in state governorships and legislatures). A grass-roots response to Wisconsin Governor’s Scott Walker’s anti-collective bargaining efforts began in mid-February with the state’s public employee unions and then spread across the country with all facets of organized labor and other organizations protesting the deep social cuts and anti-labor moves perpetuated by politicians connected to or allied with the Tea Party Movement."

7. "Brown Astronaut on Thursday," March 17, 2011 of the Chicano Poet Blog by Reyes Cardenas: http://chicanopoet.blogspot.com/

"he sees you on Facebook
while orbiting earth

your brown face
and pretty smile "

"We Were Here is a powerful and necessary documentary. The thread of stories, the trembling voices of those interviewed, and the faces of those violently attacked, are all the weaving of a story tied to my own."
                    - Lorenzo Herrear y Lozano

5. The Birth Of Chicano Poetry, the The Wednesday, March 23, 2011on the Chicano Poet Blog by Reyes Cardenas: http://chicanopoet.blogspot.com/

after they’d ripped off

in broad

from the American public
and hauled ass

to the wordless barrio
when they got back

4. Archbishop Óscar A. Romero G. 8/15/1917 - 3/24/1980 on the Rafael Jesus Gonzalez Blog

Pongo la burda taza en su platillo
con un tierno cuidado
como si fuera cáliz
y digo la letanía:
-------El Salvador.
Y un lado del corazón
me sabe blanco y dulce
como la caña
------y el otro,
-----------como el café,
------------------negro y amargo

"Poetry can be a bastard. Finishing a poem often feels impossible. Sometimes I deliberate over a single line, word, or image for outrageous amounts of time. I work on some poems for years. There are times I nearly murder them with revisions. It also takes a lot of time and effort for me to stick my hand into the depths of my subconscious and retrieve whatever goop is growing. Believe me, it’s not pretty in there. I’m weird in the head!"

"When you can’t make ends meet at home, you do two things: cut back and raise money. Maybe you stop eating out and cancel the cable bill. At some point, you can no longer slash your way through your household budget...Why can’t our state and national governments do the same?"
--- Michelle Otero

"Upon arriving, however, I was appalled to see so many young girls dressed like complete hoochies. Holy mother of baby Jesucristo, those girls looked like they were ready to star in a rap video. Some of them even appeared to be as young as eight or nine. The sight completely ruined my afternoon and even ruined my appetite, which is hard to do."
                       - oh hells nah

1. "Perigee Moon After Earthquake" on full moon on the Rafael Jesus Gonzalez Blog.

There is no need
of a perigee moon for that —
the Earth is powerful enough
in her violent unrest
to tear apart the ground..."

So a lot to look forward in April, but just a heads up . Lorna Dee Cervantes is blogging in full force again: Link. Also, a good post by Robert Vasquez on the California Poet Blog:  Notes on Writers and the Teaching of Writing, II.

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