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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Paseno ramblings

I was in the hometown about a week ago. I was anxious to come home. With all the rain, many told me that they had never seen the river so high. And it had never been so high, at least in our lifetime. I took a trip to Mesilla and crossed over the river. Yes, it was high. Puny levees were not going to hold it in.

Up river asta el downtown of Hatch go flooded. They they got a lot of rain one night and it was all over the news that it would flood down to EPT.

The Lincoln barrio was dry when I was there, but it had been flooded several times in the last few month. The big ditch next to Condoria Cemetery was full. Dr. Bixler, when I talked to him at Chicano Studies, mentioned how even before they built the interstate, he also know Lincoln was prone to flooding.

Sheriff Turns Into Uncle Laban

Apparently, there had been union busting by the El Paso County Sheriff as well as power trip in that he wants his deputies to enforce immigration law. (Also see: This link)That too bad, he could have retired a legend in El Paso. I still remember him coming to my church as a child and speaking about God and Jesus. I guess in his eyes, Jesus would be busting every so-called mojado he comes across. Many Chicano ministers in El Paso were saddened at the sheriff's stance. He could have retired a legend but now he’ll retire a crazy old man.


UTEP spirit was in the air as football season started. UTEP has had some good seasons so games have been selling out. I’ve never seen El Paso with so much spirit. Too bad El Paso’s has the same faithfulness for UTEP as they do the Cowboys.

Chicano Studies

As I menteioned before, I dropped by Chicano Studies. The office has been remodeled so those of you looking for that aqua sofa they use to have, you’re not going to find it. The “Hispanic” Heritage Celebration schedule is out. Here are the next weeks events:

Aug. 21 – Sept. 22. Exhibit: “Childhood Development (Bandura Modeling Behavior: Either War is Obsolete or Men Are ~ R. Buckminster Fuller)” by Gabriel Saucedo. 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday – Friday. Union Exhibition Gallery, Union Building East, Second Floor. Reception: 6:30-8:30 p.m. Aug. 25. Sponsored by the Office of Special Events. 747-5481.

Sept. 1- Oct. 15. “Humanities Texas Exhibit: Border Studies.” Photographs of the both sides of the Texas-Mexico border. Regular Library Hours. University Library, Third floor, gallery area. Sponsored by the University Library Special Collections Department. 747-5697.

Sept. 14. “A Reception Honoring fames 96 year old illustrator and National Humanities Medalist, Jose Cisneros and a Exhibition of Newly Found Drawing from the 1920’s and 1930’s. 5:30 p.m. Adair Margo Gallery, 415 East Yandell. Jose Cisneros and his family will be present. Sponsored by Adair Margo Gallery. 533-0048.

Sept. 14-16. Film: “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.” 6 p.m. Sept. 14; 7 p.m. Sept. 15-16. Union Cinema, Union Building East, First Floor. General admission, $2.00; UTEP faculty, staff & students, $1.00; Cinema Novo members, free. Tickets on sale at UTEP Ticket Center and the door 30 minutes prior to show time. Sponsored by the Office of Special Events. 747-5481.

Here are the literature events

Oct. 11. Reading and Book Signing: Voices in the Kitchen: Views of Food and the World from Working-Class Mexican and Mexican American Women” by Dr. Meredith Abarca, Assistant Professor, English Department, UTEP. 7 p.m. University Suite, Student Union Building East, Room 312. Reception: 6 p.m. Sponsored by Chicano Studies, the Department of English, and Women’s Studies. 747-5462.

Oct. 18. Reading and Book Signing: Dreaming the End of War” by Benjamín Alire Sáenz, Associate Professor, Creative Writing Department, UTEP. 7 p.m. Café Mayapán, 2000 Texas Ave. Sponsored by Chicano Studies, the Department of English, and the Creative Writing Department. 747-5462.

TBA. Reading by John Rechy. Sponsored by the Creative Writing Department. 747-5713.

Check out the rest of the calendar, HERE.

Bueno, I got some new book in the mail from University of New Mexico Press that I need to tell you about. So stay tuned.

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