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Friday, May 20, 2011

El Paso Writer Update for the Week of May 15, 2011, Part II

El Paso Writer Update for the Week of May 15, 2011, Part II

ABC-CLIO Greenwood Encyclopedia of Latino Issues Today

Felipe de Ortego y Gasca is looking for contributions to the ABC-CLIO Greenwood Encyclopedia of Latino Issues Today. If interested, send him an email ortegop@wnum.edu I'm Editor-in-Chief of the 2 Vols. Encyclopedia. Expected publication in Fall of 2012.

Mouthfeel Press Reading

Some photos of last Friday's Mouthfeel Press reading at the Glasbox are posed athte Glasbox' website. See them now.

The Other Ruben Salazar

Neat story on NPR on the other Ruben Salazar: "A Typo Spells Romance For RP Salazars." Hear it now.

Review of Blowout

The Chicano Conversations has a review of Mario T. Garcia's Blowout: Sal Castro and the Chicano Struggle for Educational Justice: "Garcia frames the main autobiographical text of Blowout! with an introduction and epilogue that situate Castro’s story within that of the larger Chicano Movement. In the afterword, Garcia outlines the strong links between Castro’s approach to teaching and the theories of Brazilian pedagogue and educational theorist, Paulo Freire. While Freire is no stranger to most educators today, during the 60s and 70s his work was not widely read outside of Latin America. Castro was completely unaware of his work. However, the concepts of conscientização (conscientization or critical consciousness) are undeniably present as you read through the testimony of Sal Castro." READ MORE.


Check out "'Cloudlands': Singing — and tragedy" (LA Times) about the Octavio Solis-Adam Gwon musical "Cloudlands": "written what he calls "a real musical." To learn more about the genre, he attended the 2005 New Dramatists Composer-Librettist Studio, held in New York in cooperation with the St. Paul, Minn.-based Nautilus Music-Theater." READ MORE. Also see, "South Coast Rep is hoping to expand its musical repertoire with shows like 'Cloudlands'" and "Pacific Playwrights Festival Shows the Plays Must Go On" (OC Weekly) and "Arkin Brothers, Loretta Greco, Matt McGrath, Laura Heisler Populate Pacific Playwrights Fest Weekend" (Playbill.com).

Tomas and the Library Lady

The Charlotte Observer has a piece on the play "Tomas and the Library Lady" (based on the children's book by Pat Mora) that played recently: "Bits of it are even in Spanish, though the script makes the meaning clear to anyone. So the target audience includes Latinos who want to see a familiar experience onstage and Caucasians who wonder about the people who cut their lawns and make their sandwiche"s and, in many cases, still pick the food that ends up on their tables." See Love, libros and a library lady at Children's Theatre."

Making a Killing

The Alicia Gaspar de Alba edited book Making a Killing: Femicide, Free Trade, and La Frontera is mentioned in "The Female Body:
Dead girls — both real and fake — send a powerful message. It's not a good one."
(Drextel University, The Smart Set): "When the stories of the women in Cuidad Juarez began to be told, the theme was not economic exploitation, or all the ways NAFTA was trashing Mexico, or even the lack of social programs and shelters and affordable housing for single girls in the city. It was, What are all these young girls doing on the streets?" READ MORE.

David Carrasco

A preview of what you can hear this weekend, the Dialy Sundial has an article on David Carrasco: "An upside-down map of North America was displayed during the lecture, not to confuse the audience, but to show that the chronology of America is not one of east to west, as he was told growing up, but rather one from all directions." Read "Professor links religion with modern-day issues at CSUN lecture."

Over to J-Town with Ricardo Sanchez

Ken McCullough has an article in the Winona Post in which he mentions a trip to Cd. Juarez that Ricardo Sanchez took him on when he visited El Paso, but also about poetry appreciation in the U.S. as compared to Latin America. Check "As Poetry Month comes to a close."

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