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Monday, May 16, 2011

Lunes con Lalo Delgado: Moratorium

Lunes con Lalo: Poetic Wisdom for Your Week


what are you willing to do to stop a war,
perhaps start another one right where you are?
i had to shelve vietnam
in some corner of my mind,
i had to make the odd shaped blood bathed terrain
fit some hole in my conscience
and so i thought and though again
not knowing the politicos involved
or the economics,
just reading off the casualty lists
which compliment newspapers,
just seeing friends disappear
from their favorite corners,
just seeing tear wet faces
of mother and wives,
just seeing the drainage of lives
i had to commit myself to vietnam
but how to do it so that
in my commitment i would
not betray efforts
of those over there,
blinded either by a drive-in ideal,
which is not even working out back home,
…..like trying to reverse sales tactics
and start selling brand x
instead of the favorite.....
or blinded by the fear of dying
at nineteen.....
without really having lived.
stop all activity!
yes...but how do i
stop myself from thinking
that i too am a
war maker ready to die at the barbed wire
only i will never put my soldiering for hire.

by Abelardo "Lalo" B. Delgado

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