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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

El Paso Writers' Update for Week of May 8

El Paso Writers' Update for Week of May 8

Book Facebook Pages

A Facebook Page has been created for Ray Gonzalez' book Turtle Pictures. Check it out.

Also, Benjaimn A. Saenz' book He Forgot to Say Goodbye by Benjamin Alire Saenz has a Facebook Page.

Paredes on $10,000 Questions

Texas Eduation Commissioner Raymond Paredes is quoted on a DFW Fox News article about Texas Gov. Rick Perry saying Texas can provide an undergraduate degree for under $10,000. See the article.Also see Paredes commentary on Texas' automatic admissions to any Texas public university for top 10 high school seniors: Lawmakers debate university admissions law. Not much of a quote from Paredes in this Austin American-Statesman editorial: Uncharted waters for UT, but still interesting.


Mario T. Garcia has a post on the National Catholic Reporter Blog called Moore raises important issues regarding bin Laden regarding Michael Moore's comments on the bin Laden assassination. Read it now.

Luis J. Rodriguez is inclued in Crossing State Lines: An American Renga, a conversation among fifty-four celebrated poets. Each poet contributed 10 lines, inspired by the preceding poet and inspiring the poet to follow. See Rodriguez' poem.

Left David D. Romo, and right, Yolanda Chavez-Leyva (Photo: El Paso Times, Rudy Gutierrez)

There were several articles and video posted on the opening of El Paso's Segundo Barrio Museo Urbano. Check out this one on the El Paso Times: Museo Urbano: Segundo Barrio's history on display; watch video.

Several of Mouthfeel Press' published writers well read this Friday, May 13, at the Glasbox. The Glasbox is at 1500 Texas Ave. (off Cotton) in El Paso. Featured readers will be Carolina Monsivais, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Robin Scofield, Nancy Green, Amalio Madueno, Juan Manuel Portillo, and Maria Miranda Maloney.

See Hector Tobar's article on Raul Ruiz and Ruben Salazar in "A witness is still suspicious about Ruben Salazar's death": "Ruiz, now 70, went on to get a doctorate from Harvard. He's never tried to get his Salazar work published — for the simple reason that it can't be finished until he gets access to all the public records in the case. They've been kept from the public — and from historians and Salazar's family — all these years." (LA Times) READ MORE

 Borderzine on Yanez

UTEP's Borderzine has an article on Richard Yanez' reading a few weeks ago.  "“[Yanez] gives us a perspective of El Paso…giving us a view of El Paso according to its Youth.” Said Daniel Chacon, an instructor in UTEP’s creative writing department, and one of the organizers of this event." READ MORE

Rich will give a reading at the Resistencia Book Store (1801-A South First St.) in Austin at ‎5:00PM Saturday, May 28th.

Los Angeles Review of Books Launches

John Rechy was mention as being a contributor to the newly launched Los Angeles Review of Books. Read "Los Angeles Review of Books Launched."

6th Annual Celebrating Words Festival

Luis J. Rodriguez and Alicia Gaspar de Alba (as well a a host of other writers) are set to participate in the 6th Annual Celebrating Words Festival, May 21, 1-7pm, at Los Angeles Mission College

For more info, go to this link.

Octavio and Cloudlands

Octavio Solis is featured in this LA Times article "'Cloudlands': Singing — and tragedy": "
Octavio Solis and Adam Gwon met six years ago in a New York workshop on musical theater, where they were assigned to write a song together.

Solis, a Texas-born Mexican American playwright in his early 50s, and Gwon, a Chinese-American Jewish composer and lyricist in his early 30s, hit it off and decided to turn that song into a show." READ MORE.

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