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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chicano(a) Writer News, May 15, 2011

Chicano Writer News
Name Change at CSULA

The histoic Chicano Studies program at Cal State Los Angeles is looking for a name change, from Chicano Studies to "Department of Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies (CHLS)." See CSULA Chicano Studies Considering Name Change. This is good news and shows how studies of Latin American counties can be incorporated without losing the Chicano(a) in Chicano(a) Studies. There are still some problems, as Latin American Studies has been a white-dominated and white founded study, as oppose to Chicano Studies. See more.

Sal Castro

The LA Times reported on a recent reading by Sal Castro. See "Chicano activist and educator Sal Castro wows the crowd with his past -- and presence." "Finally Castro got an opportunity to speak -- and he didn’t disappoint. He stood straight up, held up a movie poster of "Walkout" and said that when producers approached him about doing a movie on his life, he said someone good-looking had to play him. He was happy with the choice of Pena. Castro kept it light, even though much of his life involved serious events such as being jailed for fighting for improved educational rights." (LA Times). Read more.

Artwork by Carlos Cortez
Carlos Cortez Exhibit

A recent exhibit was put in in Wisconsin featuring the work of Chicano poet and artist Carlos Cortez. “'Carlos Cortéz and Allied Artists' is ostensibly an exhibition of political propaganda posters meant to highlight the work and influence of revolutionary artist Carlos Cortéz, a Milwaukee-born artist of some acclaim who died in 2005." Read more of this blog post by Stacey Williams-Ng from the JSJournal Online.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is creating a cycle of plays to rewrite U.S. history. Culture Clash has been comissonedin this 10-year, 37-play project which will include various playwrites. See "Playwrights will rewrite history." (StatesmanJournal).

Review of Lurecia Guerrero's Tree of Sighs

Check out Rigoberto Gonzalez review of  Tree of Sighs (Bilingual Press, $17 paperback), Lucrecia Guerrero. Read it now. 

Ethnic Studies in Tucson

How did Mexican American Studies get implemented in Tucson's Schools? See this article "From the archives: How Mexican American Studies came to be."

Jorge PIna (MySanAntonio)

Pina, New Director of San Anto cultural Art

MySanAntonio has an article on Jorge Pina, new director of San Anto Cultural Art: "(He)... began performing in Teatro Chicano/Chicana during the Chicano civil rights movement when he was 16 years old." READ MORE

Ask a Mexican

The Daily Titan (Cal State Fullerton) has an article on Gustavo Arrellano of "Ask A Mexican." See ‘Asking a Mexican’ about success: "Intellectual to the core, self-proclaimed nerd and open to trying new food options out of eagerness to grow, he sat across from me at a Hawaiian restaurant in Irvine and spoke to me about his work." READ MORE.

Jimmy Santiago Baca (Detroit Free Press)

Baca in Motor City

Jimmy Santiago Baca has a nice write up by the Detroit Free Press. See "Jeff Gerritt: Poetry and inspiration for city students": "At 60, he can still keep 200 high school kids entranced. Not many people can do that, but not many people have Baca's bio." READ MORE.

Words Afire Festival

Teatro is in the news at the University of New Mexico and their 11th annual Words Afire Festival of New Plays. See this article as it mentioned Elaine Avila, Ricky J. Martinez, Riti Sachdeva, Georgina Hernandez Escobar, and Law Chavez. See Las Palabras en Fuego.

Rolando Hinojosa-Smith speaks at U of H Victoria

The Victoria Advocate has an article and video on a speech Rolando Hinojosa Smith gave: "Rolando Hinojosa-Smith had the full auditorium at the University of Houston-Victoria both front-of-the-seat engaged and laid-back laughing as the final speaker for this year's American Book Review series." READ MORE.

Gelts on Eva Longoria's Cookbook

"In the kitchen with Eva Longoria."

5 Chicano Films

Indiwire.com lists 5 Great Moments in Mexican American Cinema. Check out the list and videos.

Four Corners of Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros was in the Four Corners region this last week. See this write up in the Durango Telegraph: "Cisneros’ language is noted for its eloquence, its visual appeal, its unpredictability. Although her wordsmithing is incorporated into her longer works, like her book of fiction, Caramello, a rich, romantic saga spanning four generations of a Mexican-American family, it is most stunning in her books of poetry. My Wicked Ways, Loose Woman and Bad Boys are books that showcase her finesse of language and her affinity for spirited sentiments." See "Out loud in Cortez."

Guzman-Lopez on Jotear

Adolfo Guzman-Lopez has an blog post out on "JOTEAR." Read it now.

Tino Villanueva

The Bowdoin Orient does a write up on Chicano poet Tino Villanueva: "Thanks to the G.I. Bill, Villanueva graduated from Texas State University-San Marcos. There, Villanueva was introduced to 20th-century poetry, particularly that of the Beat Generation, after being told by his teacher he needed to learn the modern idiom to be a contemporary poet. He was especially influenced by the work of Dylan Thomas. 'I had never seen language like that,' said Villanueva of Thomas' poetry. 'Twentieth-century poets don't rhyme; they rely on fresh imagery and construction to captivate the ear.' See "Poet Villanueva shares experience of being Chicano in the United States."

Victoria Garcia-Zapata (San Antonio Current)

Victoria Garcia-Zapata

The San Antonio Current does a write up on poet Victoria Garcia-Zapata: "Aside from her work with women’s shelters and her involvement with both the abusers and the abused, she has engaged with young people at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center — a youth-opportunity program that focuses on high school dropouts — and the Jump-Start Historias y Cuentos program. In the summer of 2009, she worked with struggling young people caught up in juvenile drug court through Gemini Ink’s Writers in Communities Program, chronicled in part in the chapbook In My Mind Was Planted a Seed. 'One of the students I encountered had never finished anything in his life, not his GED, not anything, but he finished the class,' she says with pride." See "How a local poet found art (and the rosary) can heal and restore lives."

Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.
Trinidad Sanchez Memorial Poetry Festival

The Fifth Annual Trinidad Sánchez Memorial Poetry Festival was held in Detroit, April 27. Not much of a write up at this link, but I'll try to find another: http://www.laprensatoledo.com/Stories/2011/042211/poetry.htm.
Lalo Velasco

Lalo Velasco

 A small write up on Lalo Velasco (Edward V. Carrillo) on the East County Magazine: "Velasco’s short stories have appeared in the East Side Journal Publications Group and for Consafos Literary Magazine. He has published poems with the Mosaic Multicultural Foundation Newsletter. As a social work intern he wrote advice column letters for Low Rider Magazine's the now defunct Tia Chucha column. Velasco has acted and written for Chicano Teatros, performing actors that support union organizing drives, bilingual education and pro immigration legislation. Lalo is also Mariachi who sometimes performs poetry while playing his guitaron." READ MORE.

Artwork of Carlos Cortez

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