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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Literary and Books News

Literary and Book News

Poet   Guitierrez y Muhs

Chicana poet Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs was selected to be the featured American poet at this year's International Festival of Poetry, known as Kritya 2011, held in Nagpur, India. Check out this nice article on her. READ MORE.

Juan Felipe Herrera Photo: UC Riverside

Herrera on Board

Good news for our carnal Juan Felipe Herrera, he has been elected to the Board of Chancellors of the Academy of American Poets. READ THE UC RIVERSIDE PRESS RELEASE.

Manuel Martinez reading

A lot of stuff on the web regarding Manuel Martinez (Day of the Dead)and his recent reading. READ MORE.

Finding one's self

A neat article on the Nation called "Languaging" in which one goes to find themselves in some third-world country. READ IT NOW.

Orhan Pamuk

What are we missing in English

Can we say that this is happening to Chicano Literature, too English. Check out Orhan Pamuk attacks 'marginalisation' of non-English writers. "The Nobel prize-winning Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk has complained that the majority of human experience is being ignored because the literature that describes it is not written in English. And he has criticised the response of British and American literary critics to his work, saying they perceive him in narrow terms defined by his nationality." READ MORE.

Probability of Writing and Acting a One-Man Show

The Onion reports the results of a study showing "Family History Of Alcoholism Raises Risk Of One-Man Show." Read It Now.

More than Auld Lang syne

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum opened recently. See this story on The Guardian: Robert Burns Birthplace Museum – in pictures.

Good Sentences

The New York Times has a story on how to write a good sentence focusing on Stanley Fish's new book How To Write A Sentence: And How To Read One. 

Sal This

J.D. Salinger still remains popular despite passing on. See NPR's "Mining J.D. Salinger's Reclusive 'Life' For Answers.": "The title of Kenneth Slawenski's biography, the first major work on the author since his death one year ago, is J.D. Salinger: A Life, but there is no easy way to approach the subject. The most famously reclusive of all American writers, Salinger's "life" is hardly as available to us as the myth, the one we've all been familiar with since adolescence: He lived in the woods; he drank bottles of his own urine; he was really Thomas Pynchon. The biographer has his work cut out for him." LISTEN/READ MORE.

Toyo Shibata Photo: The Guardian

Self-Published Best-Seller at 99

You too can be a best-selling poet at age 99. See this story in The Guardian on Japanese poet Toyo Shibata's self-published anthology, Don't Lose Heart, selling 1.5m copies in a market where 10,000 is seen as a success. READ MORE.

Harlem Renaissance A Memory

A nice book review on gentrification and Harlem, NPR review Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts Harlem is Nowhere looks at the Harlem Renaissance and Harlem's modern gentrification. READ/HEAR MORE.

Don't Stand on my Grave and "Piss"?

Jorge Borges grave got a tinkling recently. A book cover depicts Chilean writer Eduardo Labarca "apparently urinating on author's grave provokes outrage in Argentina." READ MORE.

Huck Finn and Jim: What a Promotion

See Hug Rawson's piece on the recent revisions of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn: "Professor Gribbin has said that he believes the substitution of slave for n*gger will make it easier for teachers to teach the book. This change may confuse some students, though, since Jim has freed himself by running away from Miss Watson, and so is not actually a slave during most the book. And by making the substitution, many good teaching opportunities are lost." READ MORE.

 Also see The Daily Show's Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore on the Mark Twain controversy: "Congratulations on the promotion Jim. Wow, this is a huge upgrade from n*gg*r to slave. That's like a show going from the WB to UPN." SEE MORE.

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Junot Diaz Photo: San Francisco Chronicle

 Junot Diaz and "in-betweeness"

From The Guardian, "Jhumpa Lahiri and Junot Díaz are among the works chosen by the US-based Nigerian author that best reflect the existential "in-betweenness" of the immigrant." READ MORE.

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