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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Y2K Retrospective: Short Fiction in 2000

Y2K Retrospective: Short Fiction in 2000

Hardcover University of Arizona Press
ISBN-10: 0816519943
ISBN-13: 978-0816519941
Patricia Preciado Martin

It brings a mother to her knees to plead for her son's safe return from war. It draws a grown woman back to the site of cherished childhood memories. It keeps the passion and romance of youth alive in an older woman's heart. 

It brings together heiresses and busboys, lawyers and chambermaids. Only love, the magical elixir that transcends boundaries and relieves heartaches, can do these things. Through earthy, charming stories that blend songs, letters, and prayers, Patricia Preciado Martin explores the hidden places of the soul and the human longing for Amor Eterno, eternal love. 

Forbidden love, enchanted love, and desperate love are just some of the varieties of love that get mixed into this sweet concoction of romance, wit, and instruction. A delicious combination of modern sensibility and folk wisdom--including recipes for fresh breath and special prayers to Saint Valentine -- this book tells universal tales of devotion and desire. 

Seeking love in many forms, Martin's characters relive unforgettable experiences, pursue elusive destinies, give themselves with abandon, and yearn for home. Love is the mysterious and miraculous emotion that leads them to deny or indulge their deepest needs. Amor Eterno is a passionate and humorous collection of stories that will inspire us to treasure and share the loves we have known.

Patricia Preciado Martin, a native Arizonan, has been active in Tucson’s Mexican American community for many years and was the Arizona Library Association's Author of the Year in 1997

Paperback Chronicle Books ISBN-10: 0811827941
Lucrecia Guerrero

Lucrecia Guerrero's shimmering debut collection paints a vivid, beautiful, and haunting portrait of life in a fictional U.S.-Mexican border town as it traces the crossed paths of a cast of characters whose lives intersect in surprising ways. 

By turns funny, poetic, and clear-sighted, appealing to readers of Laura Esquivel, Isabel Allende, and Sandra Cisneros, Guerrero's stories reveal the moments in which we consciously and unconsciously reveal ourselves. 
A mother and twenty-year U.S. citizen still ashamed of her "imperfect" immigrant background, agrees to report illegals at the border with a pair of loaned binoculars. A local man's rough but nave past lets him confuse a momentary connection with a female bus passenger as part of an entire romantic future in which he has no place. An aging and meticulous dandy known as the "White Dove" is accompanied by his daughter to meet an old friend who she secretly knows will never arrive. Two young brothers infatuated with the same self-possessed girl adopt different attitudes to sweet and shocking result. As their lives interweave between the stories, the resonance of their hopes and fears in shared circumstance draw a deep sense of collective emotional longing and a sense of place that is simply unforgettable. --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

Lucrecia Guerrero's stories have appeared in a number of literary magazines and an anthology of Mexican-American writers. She now lives in Ohio. --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

Paperback Arte Publico Press; 1st edition
ISBN-10: 1558852808
ISBN-13: 978-1558852808
Daniel Chacon

"A fine debut collection. Chacón has the sensibility (and the sense of humor!) to bring these stories heartbreakingly to life." -- Cristina García, author of Dreaming in Cuban and The Aguero Sisters

"Although a collection of stories, this book is 'A Portrait of the Chicano Artist as a Young Man.'" -- 5950

Although a collection of stories, this book is A Portrait of the Chicano Artist as a Young Man, with the author becoming more literary as the pieces accumulate. -- The New York Times Book Review, Tom LeClair

In bittersweet comic fables and through tales of frightening realism, Daniel Chacón captures the shrewd, furtive, and sometimes tortuous ways by which Mexican-Americans manage to survive in intimidating territory -- often only to trip themselves out.

Paperback Arte Publico Press; 1st edition
ISBN-10: 1558852980 ISBN-13: 978-1558852983
Mike Padilla

With his first book of short stories, young California writer Mike Padilla has produced a collection of remarkable social scope, artistic maturity, and psychological subtlety. 

In the title story, a Chicano construction worker's jealousy and controlling behavior become entwined with dark resentment of his wife's English-speaking abilities. 

Among his other startling snapshots, Padilla captures the day the family got together to tear apart old Aunt Eufrasia's house ("It is like the christening of a ship," my mother said as the pickaxe swung)... the uneasy bonds holding together two elderly women, once the best of friends but now only housemates... the odd relationship between an attractive but inaccessible Stanford student and her studious, cocaine-dealing classmate, who decides that the best way to a girl's heart is through her nose... and a nervous romance between a fourteen-year-old Mexican tomboy and her new neighbor, a clumsy young Russian émigré who falls all too hard for her. Engrossed readers will find Mike Padilla's stories easy to appreciate. Only his characters - with their all-too-human foibles- will be hard to forget.
Winner of the University of California at Irvine's Chicano/Latino Literary Contest and the San Francisco Foundation's Joseph Henry Jackson Literary Award

Mike Padilla was born in Oakland, California and studied Creative Writing at Stanford and Syracuse Universities. His short stories have previously appeared in periodicals including Indiana Review, Puerto del Sol, The American Literary Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Sequoia, and The Madison Review. A second-generation Mexican-American, he writes about issues of cultural assimilation (and non-assimilation). He currently resides in Los Angeles.

English and Spanish Edition Hardcover
University of New Mexico Press
Language: English, Spanish
ISBN-10: 0826322131 ISBN-13: 978-0826322135
Rosaura Sánchez (Author), Beatrice Pita (Translator)

The stories in this bilingual collection portray the everyday lives of a cross-section of Chicano men and women in the contemporary U.S. 

Here are workers living in the chaparral around the San Diego border with Mexico, battered wives, farmworkers, divorced women rebuilding their lives, a traveling salesman, and conflicted academics. In direct and hard-edged prose, the author gives voice to the disenfranchised and alienated. 

The narrative perspective changes from story to story, portraying the experiences of what could become classic characters in Chicana fiction. 
"Sánchez brilliantly and sensitively portrays the hard life of undocumented Mexican men and women working in the United States. She is a masterful storyteller able to weave suspense from the first to the last sentence. Written with the style reminiscent of Tomas Rivera and Juan Rulfo, each narrative conveys a message difficult to forget."-- María Herrera Sobek, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Sánchez is a storyteller, interweaving voices at once unheard or unspoken. The characters in these stories range from the disenfranchised to Chicano/a academics, but all struggle to have their stories told." -- Helena Viramontes

Paperback Riverhead Trade; 1st edition
ISBN-10: 1573228249 ISBN-13: 978-1573228244
Michele M. Serros 

Michele Serros's work has been called "wonderfully comical and wise" (San Francisco Chronicle) and "pulsating with the exuberance of an unmistakably original poetic talent" (Entertainment Weekly). How to be a Chicana Role Model is the fiercely funny tale of a Chicana writer who's trying to find a way to embrace two very different cultures -- without losing touch with who she is.

"A young, sassy writer whose brilliant weapon is her humor."-- Sandra Cisneros

"Magnificent...such a voice!" -- Dorothy Allison

"Michele Serros writes incredibly robust and witty prose."-- Carolyn See

"One of the most distinctive and accomplished Latina voices in literature today."-- Estylo

Spiral-bound New Mexico Magazine
ISBN-10: 093720661X ISBN-13: 978-0937206614
Adela Amador 

This charming spiral-bound cookbook takes its name from Adela Amador's much-loved food column in New Mexico Magazine, Southwest Flavor. Organized seasonally, it pairs recipes and slice of life stories like It's raining snakes and toads, with a recipe for margarita pie and Adela's anecdote about a summer cloudburst and hundreds of tiny frogs. 

Then there was the time Adela and her mother were roasting chile and the stove blew up! Adela describes how the reader can roast chile (with no risk to life or limb), and includes both savory and sweet chile recipes. 
Her childhood recollections take us back to her days growing up in northern New Mexico, with memories of the magical Christmas lights of Madrid, New Mexico (and the tamales that accompanied that holiday), and of being serenaded as a young girl on New Years Eve, with a recipe for the posole that her family prepared.

Dozens of traditional recipes enhance Adela's "tales," edited by New Mexico Magazine editors Emily Drabanski and Walter K. Lopez. The volume includes a glossary of Spanish food names and terms, and an index.

Paperback Grove Press
ISBN-10: 0802138748
ISBN-13: 978-0802138743
Dagoberto Gilb 

Dagoberto Gilb is an acknowledged master of the short story, the winner of the PEN/Hemingway Award, and a PEN/Faulkner finalist for his debut collection, The Magic of Blood, and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for his fiction writing. 

His critically acclaimed collection Woodcuts of Women is now available in paperback and features ten moving and heartbreaking stories of lust, love, and longing among men and women struggling to find their way in the world. 
Written in Gilb's spare, humid language, each of these haunting stories is crafted with a poetic, aching beauty. At turns powerful and resonant, hopeful and humorous, Woodcuts of Women is a tour de force by one of America's foremost Chiano writers. 

"The sheer intensity and bravado of [Gilb's] vision make this collection succeed." -- Jean Thompson, The New York Times Book Review 

"Lonely, tough stories -- stories that force us to confront what's difficult in us, and in the people we love." -- Adrienne Miller, Esquire 

"Gilb's stories read like verbal woodcuts deliberately unrefined and carefully unadorned, clear in their intent but without undue elaboration...." -- Sean Glennon, The Hartford Courant 

"...Gilb writes of the gritty passions of man for women, grand delusions and tender mercies...." -- Oscar C. Villalon, San Francisco Chronicle

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