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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Nonfiction in January 2011 - Latin America Topics

New Non-Fiction in January 2011 - Latin American Topics

Hardcover Cambridge University Press; 1 edition January 17, 2011
ISBN-10: 0521766869
ISBN-13: 978-0521766869
Geoffrey Baker (Editor), Tess Knighton (Editor) 

The Spanish colonial project in Latin America from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries was distinctly urban in focus. The impact of the written word on this process was explored in Ángel Rama's seminal book The Lettered City, and much has been written by historians of art and architecture on its visible manifestations, yet the articulation of sound, urban geography and colonial power - 'the resounding city' - has been passed over in virtual silence.

This collection of essays by leading scholars examines the role of music in Spanish colonial urbanism in the New World and explores the urban soundscape and music profession as spheres of social contact, conflict, and negotiation. The contributors demonstrate the role of music as a vital constituent part of the colonial city, as Rama did for writing, and therefore illustrate how musicology may illuminate and take its place in the broader field of Latin American urban history.

Irresistible Forces: Latin American Migration to the United States and its Effects on the South
Paperback University of New Mexico Press (January 15, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0826349188 ISBN-13: 978-0826349187
Gregory B. Weeks (Author), John R. Weeks (Author)

The politics, social issues, and cultural impacts of Latin American migration to the United States are often studied by historians and political scientists, but the regional focus is typically on the Southwest and California. This study examines the phenomenon of the impact of Latin American migration on the southeastern United States, a region that now has the nation's fastest growing immigrant population.

Incorporating a political demography approach, this study seeks to provide a clear understanding of the complex dynamics of migration with particular emphasis on the unique demographic fit between the United States and Latin America.

This fit arises from one region needing young workers while the other has more than its economy can absorb. Although a relatively simple concept, it is one that has largely been ignored in the political discussions of migration policy. This study argues that the social and political ramifications of and policy responses to Latin American immigration can best be understood when viewed in light of these circumstances.
The History of the Catholic Church in Latin America: From Conquest to Revolution and Beyond
[Kindle Edition]
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 636 KB Print Length: 336 pages
Publisher: NYU Press short (February 22, 2011)
John Frederick Schwaller

One cannot understand Latin America without understanding the history of the Catholic Church in the region. Catholicism has been predominant in Latin America and it has played a definitive role in its development. It helped to spur the conquest of the New World with its emphasis on missions to the indigenous peoples, controlled many aspects of the colonial economy, and played key roles in the struggles for Independence.

The History of the Catholic Church in Latin America offers a concise yet far-reaching synthesis of this institution's role from the earliest contact between the Spanish and native tribes until the modern day, the first such historical overview available in English. John Frederick Schwaller looks broadly at the forces which formed the Church in Latin America and which caused it to develop in the unique manner in which it did. 

While the Church is often characterized as monolithic, the author carefully showcases its constituent parts often in tension with one another as well as its economic function and its role in the political conflicts within the Latin America republics. Organized in a chronological manner, the volume traces the changing dynamics within the Church as it moved from the period of the Reformation up through twentieth century arguments over Liberation Theology, offering a solid framework to approaching the massive literature on the Catholic Church in Latin America. Through his accessible prose, Schwaller offers a set of guideposts to lead the reader through this complex and fascinating history.

Routledge Library Editions: Development Volume 4
Hardcover Routledge January 5, 2011
ISBN-10: 0415601320 ISBN-13: 978-0415601320
June Nash (Editor), Juan Corradi (Editor), Hobart Spalding (Editor)

First published in 1977, this reissue contains original articles by contemporary leading scholars in the field of Latin American politics on a range of topics including: working class organisation, populism and US labour imperialism. It will be of interest to anthropologists, students of political science and specialists in Latin American studies.

Paperback Springer Publishing Company; 1 edition January 15, 2011
ISBN-10: 0826106595 ISBN-13: 978-0826106599
Carmen Vazquez PhD (Author), Dinelia Rosa PhD (Author)

This book serves as both a graduate textbook and clinical reference that helps in the understanding of relevant cultural values and their effect on the grieving process. This book also addresses the application of specific interventions in a culturally relevant manner, including the relevance of language in grief therapy, psychology and counseling with a Latino population.

The main focus of this book is to identify underlying pathologies, depressions, or anxieties that could have existed before, and the relevance of the cultural components that can interfere with the adaption to, and the resolution of grief. Written in three parts, each section demonstrates a clear hands-on approach on how to respond to Latino patients and address aspects universally related to grief and psychological points of view.

Key features:
  • Addresses culturally-specific and diverse narratives of loss to illustrate cultural revelations in the grief process and the clinical assessment of denial and spirituality
  • Discusses the relevance of language in the expression of grief, assessment and treatment
  • Presents clear and easy-to-read grief therapy approaches and methods
  • Includes adaptations of traditional psychotherapeutic techniques, incorporating relevant cultural values

Hardcover Lexington Books January 16, 2011
ISBN-10: 0739146483 ISBN-13: 978-0739146484
Michelle Holling (Author)

Voz, or voice, thematically structures the twleve original essays of New Directions in Latina/o Communication. This collection extends the study of Latina/o communication, in particular vernacular expressions covering a wide array of inquiries. 

The essays address such diverse topics as foundational developments, the intersection of culture, theory and disciplinarity, challenges to prevailing ideas about belonging and citizenship, identity tensions in latinidad, marginality, and nationalism, and voices that demonstrate possibilities for solidarity, redefinition and reclamations.

Paperback Univ Of Minnesota Press January 6, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0816647151 ISBN-13: 978-0816647156
Jon Beasley-Murray 

Posthegemony is an investigation into the origins, limits, and possibilities for contemporary politics and political analysis. Jon Beasley-Murray grounds his theoretical discussion with accounts of historical movements in Latin America, from Columbus to Chávez, and from Argentine Peronism to Peru's Sendero Luminoso.

Challenging dominant strains in social theory, Beasley-Murray contends that cultural studies simply replicates the populism that conditions it, and that civil society theory merely nourishes the neoliberalism that it sets out to oppose. Both end up entrenching the fiction of a social contract. In place of hegemony or civil society, Beasley-Murray presents a theory of posthegemony, focusing on affect, habit, and the multitude. This approach addresses an era of biopolitics and bare life, tedium and terror, in which state control is ever more pervasive but something always escapes.

In his thorough examination, Beasley-Murray undoes the dominant narrative of hegemonic projects and counterhegemonic resistance, of civilization and subalternity, to reveal instead a history of failed contracts and unpredicted insurgencies.

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