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Monday, August 23, 2010

UTEP President Natalicio tells Juarez Shooters: “Bring it on bitch”

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Above, UTEP President Diana Natalicio, "You've been warned, eses." Photo by Camarina Montes

UTEP President Natalicio tells Juarez Shooters:
“Bring it on bitch”
Get ready for 'Shock and awe' UTEP president warns after shooting

Published: Aug. 23, 2010   15:00
By Emiliano Ticias


EL PASO, TEXAS -- Over the weekend a gun battle that erupted across the border in Cd. Juarez, resulted in gunshots hitting a building at the University of Texas at El Paso.

While police are investigating a gun shots that hit Bell Hall at UTEP, university president Diana Natalicio's anger has not been able to be retrained.

“I'd like to see those shooters try that shit on campus,” said Natalicio at a press conference on Sunday in front of Bell Hall.

 Above, Natalicio give tour of UTEP's defenses at Border Security Conference

UTEP recently hosted its annual Border Security Conference, and among the new topics was arming of UTEP buildings.

“The recent building expansion of UTEP includes security updates like machine gun nests, sniper towers, and more,” said UTEP Police chief Shota Dominguez.

Meanwhile, while being restrained by UTEP vice president Richard Adauto, Natalicio told the Cd. Juarez shooter,
“Bring It On Bitch.”

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