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Octavio Romano

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Chicano(a) Writer news on the web

Not much this morning folks. We will run the interview with Guillermo Reyes author of Madre and I tomorrow, so make sure to check Pluma tomorrow.

We have some guest posts coming by Rigoberto Gonzalez, a post on the Pain of Writing, the Coming Extinction of the Chicano(a) Spanish-Language Novel and Short Story, and more.

On the web

Please check out New play premiers at Breath of Fire in Santa Ana which describes a new play by Cherrie Moraga that just premiered.

Check out this story on Xilonen and poet Graciela B. Ramirez: Xilonen.

A small review of Gary Soto's new book Human Nature has been posted on the Library Journal: "Poor Jesus tired of holding his arms up for centuries./ When were we humans going to be nice,/ So he could come down?" READ MORE.

Catch an article on poet Armando Vazquez and the KEYS Leadership Academy: Read more.

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