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Friday, April 22, 2011

El Paso Writers Update for Week of Apr. 17 , Part II

El Paso Writers Update for Week 
of Apr. 17, Part II


Tomas and Library Lady to Play in Charlotte

The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte’s Tarradiddle Players will perform the play “Tomás and the Library Lady” from April 29 to May 8 at the Wachovia Playhouse, 300 E. 7th Street. The play is based on Pat Mora's book about Tomas Rivera's childhood in the migrant stream. Read more.

Octavio Solis' "Dreamlandia"

The North Country Times has a review of Octavio Solis "Dreamlandia." See THEATER REVIEW: Reality meets fantasy in bold, relevant 'Dreamlandia'."The play transports the story to the year 2000 and the border area between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where crossings are brutal and dangerous, drug trafficking is rampant and young women working in factories are disappearing." READ MORE.

Granados Reads

Check out this Youtube.com video of Christine Granados reading "The Bride."

Pat Mora on Poetry Foundation

Pat Mora's poem "Fences" is posted on the Poetry Foundation's website:

Mouths full of laughter,   
the turistas come to the tall hotel   
with suitcases full of dollars.   

Cinco Puntos Press Book in Okie Finals
Cinco Puntos Press' Saltypie: A Choctaw Journey from Darkness into Light by Tim Tingle of Canyon Lake, Texas was named a finalist in CHILDREN/YOUNG ADULT category for the 2011Oklahoma Book Awards.

Check out this mini-questionnaire with Luis G. Rodriguez on Harriet of the Poetry Foundation. READ MORE.

Check out The HuffPost for El Paso Native Lorenzo Candelaria's article "The Biblical Roots of Christian Song."

American Book Review Chicano Issue

The current issue of the American Book Review focus on the "Latino West" and several El Pasoans including articles by Dagoberto Gilb, Ricardo Gilb, and David D. Romo. Dago's essay is really good. Also, Sheryl Luna reviews Diana García’s When Living Was a Labor Camp, Ricardo Gilb reviews Kelly Lytle Hernández’s Migra! A History of the U.S. Border Patrol, Christine Granados reviews Brando Skyhorse’s The Madonnas of Echo Park. There are articles by many other Chicano Writers including Yxta Maya Murray, Josefina López, Oscar Villalon, Michael Jaime-Becerra, Hector Cantú, Diana López, Alex Espinoza, Lisa Alvarez, and Rene Perez.

Don't forget Rich Yanez reading tonight and Yolanda Chavez Leyva's lecture tomorrow morning.

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