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Sunday, April 16, 2006

C.M. Mayo, Editing a Literary Tour of Mexico

C.M. Mayo, Editing a Literary Tour of Mexico

All Things Considered, April 1, 2006 · The new anthology Mexico, A Traveler's Literary Companion takes us deep inside the imagination of a country through its fiction. The compilation of more than 20 short stories -- many of which are translated to English for the first time -- includes comic works, coming-of-age tales, love stories and even a horror yarn. Editor and translator C.M. Mayo tells John Ydstie about the book.

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C. M. Mayo said...

Gracias for this mention! By the way, the collection includes a brilliant short story by Chicano writer Daniel Reveles. Read more about the collection-- including links to author pages, bios of the translators, and Q & A--- at www.cmmayo.com/mexico.html