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Octavio Romano

Friday, April 14, 2006

Balcorta interview; Tanya Barrientos on NPR

Balcorta on Health, Activism, and Community by Sito Negron

Salvador Balcorta has led Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe since 1992. It was a homecoming for him. Balcorta grew up in the South El Paso neighborhood where La Fe was founded. [la fe history]

Book Review: "The Prison Angel"by Helenmarie Zachritz

The Prison Angel by Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan, Penguin Press, $24.95 and paperback, $10.95

If you’ve never believed that there are angels everywhere, then this is the book for you in the bleak mid-winter living on the U.S.-Mexico border where tales of horror and wickedness prevail. It is the true story of a tiny woman who gave up the pleasures of her life in southern California to move into a jail cell in Tijuana. The Prison Angel is written in a compelling, moving fashion by two Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post foreign correspondents, Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan. They said they had never heard such a story of powerful goodness…and neither had I.

Looking for the Dark Side in Today's Bestsellers

Tanya Barrientos

All Things Considered, April 11, 2006 · What does it take for a book to make the bestseller list? Commentator Tanya Barrientos says that these days, non-fiction hits are about adorable pets and regrettable pasts -- subjects that leave her yearning for a dark side. Barrientos writes for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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