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Thursday, June 23, 2011

El Paso Writers Update for Week of June 19, Part I

El Paso Writers Update for Week of June 19, Part I

Granados in San Tony

Christine Granados will read in San Antonio as part of the Summer Reading Series with Christine Granados and Arthur Sze, Friday, July 8 6:30p to 7:30p at Gemini Ink, San Antonio, TX.

Gwon wins for "Cloudlands"

Adam Gwon, Octavio Solis' collaborator in the musical Cloudlands was won$100,000 Kleban Prize for lyrics in that musical. Prize is for "most promising musical theater lyricist." See SCR artist Adam Gwon wins $100,000 Kleban Prize for lyrics.

Gaspar de Alba is Ireland

Alicia Gaspar de Alba is presenting at the first major International Chicana/o conference in Ireland. The theme for this conference is “Transitions and Continuities in Contemporary Chicana/o Culture” and will also include guest speakers, Cherríe Moraga, Celia Herrera Rodríguez, Alica Gaspar de Alba, Alma Lopez, Tey Diana Rebolledo, Lawrence Taylor.

Solis at New Works Festival

Octavio Solis is featured in article about the 14th annual New Works Festival. Check out "New Works Festival program reveals performances in Steamboat."

Cinco Puntos author at Pan Am

Cinco Puntos Press author Xavier Garza will be at the University of Texas Pan Am June 29. See more on this as well as the schedule.

Top LGBT Books of All Time?

John Rechy is mentioned in Gay Authors Pick The Top 5 LGBT Books of All Time What's your pick?

Carsten up for IMF Job?

C.M. Mayo is mentioned in the article IMF candidate Carstens, a global finance insider. The article focuses on IMF candidate Agustin Carstens.

"Los Lagartos" by Luis Jimenez

Save Los Lagartos

Press Release
For Immediate Release
June 13, 2011
Ray Rojas
(915) 258-0989
Or Miguel Juárez
(310) 709-4608

The Legacy of Luis Jimenez, Sculptor of San Jacinto Plaza's Los Lagartos

El Paso, Texas – The El Paso County Chicano(a) History Project will a screen a two-part interview conducted in 1997 by Miguel Juárez with acclaimed sculptor Luis Jiménez Jr. The screening will be from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 9, 2011, in the auditorium at the El Paso Public Library Main Branch, in Downtown El Paso. The screening is part of the “Keep Los Lagartos in San Jacinto Plaza” Campaign.

At the time of Jiménez ' death in 2006, Stuart Ashman, Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, said that Jiménez was considered "the most important Chicano artist in the United States…[who] made great contributions to contemporary art in America."  Jiménez’s father was trained by Francisco “Frisco” Gutierrez, Artist-in-Residence at the Plaza Theater for over 35 years. In the “who's who” of sculptors in the United States, Jiménez gained international fame in his lifetime. Institutions such as the Smithsonian and universities across the nation currently display Jiménez' sculptures.

Current plans to redesign San Jacinto Plaza propose removing the “Los Lagartos” sculpture, a statue that was a site-specific commission by the City of El Paso and that has become synonymous with San Jacinto Plaza or “Plaza de los Lagartos” as it is known by the Latino community. Sculptures by Chicano artists are rarely displayed, not only in the United States, but as well as in El Paso. Removing “Los Lagartos” from San Jacinto Plaza would give the message that the City of El Paso does not view Chicano art as first rate and that it does not recognize the contributions of its largely Latino community.
The July 9th screening is from the series: "Frontera Artists: Mexican and Chicano Artists in El Paso," which originally aired from 1997-2005 on EPCC-TV. The series was 19-part program that aired close to 600 times on KCOS-TV Channel 13 (PBS) and/or on Cable Channel 14 since its creation in 1997. The show was co-produced by Miguel Juárez (also the host) and Gabriel Gaytan.


The El Paso County Chicano(a) History Project is a new initiative whose mission is to collect, rediscover, revise, and preserve and promote El Paso's County's Chicano(a) historical legacy. To learn more about the El Paso County Chicano(a) History Project call (915) 258-0989 or email editor@plumafronteriza.com.

Email El Paso City Representatives asking them to Save Los Lagartos

Please past into your email "To":
mayor@elpasotexas.gov, district1@elpasotexas.gov,district2@elpasotexas.gov, district3@elpasotexas.gov,district4@elpasotexas.gov, district5@elpasotexas.gov,
district7@elpasotexas.gov, district8@elpasotexas.gov,citymanager@elpasotexas.gov,


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