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Monday, September 12, 2011

Lunes con Lalo: Airplane Musings

Lunes con Lalo: Airplane Musings
Poetic Wisdom for Your Week by Abelardo Delgado

To the left of the plane are the sangre cristo mountains

the no-smoke sign gone
they all armed themselves, i could've sworn,
like racers they looked at it to start
once it went off,
all calibers, winston to my left,
sales to my right
and started shooting at each other
with smoke,
the social-cancer-causing ritual...
how many more days when pot legal
will join these wars acceptedly.
a pause, dinner was served,
the trays removed, the
matches and lighters initiated the battle
once again, and i inhaled,
what two or three had exhaled,
thinking, funny i never did smoke myself,
probably never will,
i do enjoy seeing some girl/woman
now and then bring the white rifle
to her pretty lips and graciously
fire the curls of smoke that
enshroud her pretty face/eyes
and make her even lovelier,
but we are just getting
ready to land into eight inches of snow in denver
and i have better things to remember.....
                      by Abelardo

15 minute delay

will a fifteen minute delay in houston's airport
disrupt the ability of eternity to import
foreign matter into the sole vacuum
of existence,
reason, peaks a tinsy bit at the window
watching humanity only partially undress
and i read last sunday
that the sun will burn itself out,
that, i presume to be the purpose
a god designed for mr. sun,
as he must have designed
a yet more destructive one
for mr. lon nol
but i hear clearly above the noise
of the harligen bound jet
the buzz of spirits playing cards
on the isles
as the two hostesses serve
refreshments up and down
filmed, recorded, stored, taped, filed
and the godness of infinity is
again measured in the change of time,
….time zones, you know....
and i close my eyes
and either die ahead of time
or see the womb, not my mother's but the speak of distant
in which all knowledge of my being flowing freely gusts.
 by Abelardo

"15 Minute Delay" and "To the left of the plane are the sangre cristo mountains," (c) Abelardo Delgado. Published with permission of the Delgado estate.

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