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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

El Paso Writers Update for Week of Aug. 15

El Paso Writers Update for Week of Aug. 15

Ruben Salazar Files

Ruben Salazar is mentioned in Gabriel Lerner's Huntington Post article "We're Here and We're Not Leaving." "Salazar was the first Latino to cover the Mexican-American community of Los Angeles for mainstream media and the first to break the unofficial embargo that blocked non-crime news from the Latino enclave of East Los Angeles, where I now live. As a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, and as News Director of TV station KMEX, he was fully bilingual and integrated into mainstream America while developing, honoring and maintaining his Hispanic culture. He reported on a community struggling for respect and recognition." READ MORE.

Also of interest on Salazar is "Finally, transparency in the Ruben Salazar case" (LA Times)
 "Ruben Salazar's daughter on her father's killing" (LA Times).

Troncoso to Read at Writer's Center

Sergio Troncoso will read on Oct 16, 2: 00 to 4:00 pm, at The Writer's Center, 4508 Walsh St, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. He will read with Patricia Valdata. Troncoso posted some movies shorts about his new book. Check out.

Carlos Munoz, Jr. Quoted

Carlos Munoz, Jr. is quoted in The Nation in David Zirin's "Bud, Bruno and Baseball's Bigotry" about Tony Bruno calling San Francisco Giant's pitcher Ramon Ramirez an "illegal." READ MORE.

Poetry by Luna

Check out this post on Sheryl Luna along with one of her poems: Four Poems By Sheryl Luna.

State fo Education: Raymund Paredes

Raymund Paredes is quoted in a piece about an adult education program at the University of Texas Brownsville. See "Program will help adult students earn degree". Also see "Higher ed goals still need work" and "Help for community college students" (Austin American Statesman); "State faces challenge in helping underprepared students graduate from college" (Austin American Statesman);

Short Story by Chacon

Daniel Chacón's short story ”22 Hiding Places” is included in a new anthology titled Solace in So Many Words, a collection of essays, stories, and poems. Read more.

Redroom Bio's

Nice bio on Octavio Solis posted at the Redroom.com. Check it out. Also catch C.M. Mayo's bio. Read it now.

Gilb's Newest Reviewed

A Publishers Weekly review of Dagoberto Gilb's new book on Grove Press is out: "PEN/Hemingway Award–winner Gilb’s 10 new tales, many written as the author recovered from a 2009 stroke, take on family ties, poverty, labor, and prejudice at the country’s borders, but defy racial and geographic boundaries even when they provide the principal conflict." READ MORE.

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