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Thursday, August 04, 2011

El Paso Writers Update for Week Aug. 1

El Paso Writers Update for Week Aug. 1

Christine Granados Website

Christine Granados has a website up. Check it out at http://www.christinegranados.com/

Octavio Solis Interview

Adam Szymkowicz has an interview with Octavio Solis on his blog. Check out I Interview Playwrights Part 372: Octavio Solis : "A US Border Patrol cruiser drove up and asked us what we were doing. We told him we were just having around. Then he gave us a hard steely look asked us for our identification. I told I was an American citizen and a kid besides, and that I didn't need identification. He leaned down to me and took off his sunglasses and told me I would never be an American, no matter how hard I tried. In his eyes, and in the eyes of the world, I was and would forever be a Mexican. He almost cuffed me and took me in, but he laughed and drove off. " ---- Octavio Solis

Raymund Paredes in the news

Money, Money, Money. The everending battle to give higher education to the poor. Paredes was quoted in the Austin American Statesman: "Higher Education Commissioner Raymund Paredes is warning that the Legislature's reduction in funding for the state's main financial aid program could threaten its viability as an incentive for low-income students to attend college." READ MORE.

Also see "Paredes on Texas' college graduation rates" in the Dallas Morning News and "Point Person: Our Q&A with Raymund Paredes on college graduate rates" (Dallas Morning News) and "Texas Colleges Lagging In Enrollment Of Minority Students" and "Texas Colleges Lagging In Enrollment Of Minority Students" (University Business) and "Texas higher ed enrollment topped 1.5M in 2010."  

Saenz at Port Townsend

Benjamin A. Saenz was recently at the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference at Centrum. Not much but a mention here. Read more.  

Sergio Troncoso

Blogs of Note

A few blog posts of note. Check out "Economic uncertainty as a political weapon" (Sergio Troncoso). "Tea Party" by Edgar Gabriel Silex on the Pink Velvet Jesus Blog. "Persistence" by Paul Pedroza on the chicano exile blog. Images of Juárez: Light does not stop at the border. on the Chacon in Chuco blog (Daniel Chacon). Uncivil discourse is not good for our country in Mario T. Garcia's National Catholic Reporter Blog.

Ruben Salazar in Dever Roots 

Ruben Salazar is mention among other Chicano(a) Movement icons on NPR's Talk of the Nation in "Chicano Movement's Denver Roots Run Deep": "Many cite Denver as the birthplace of the American Chicano movement. Its leaders today are largely the children of the "Crusaders for Justice" who launched a nationwide civil rights movement in the 60s and 70s." HEAR MORE.

Luis Rodriguez Interview

Check out the EPL Off the Shelf for an interview with Luis J. Rodriguez. Read now. "Chicano/Mexicano fathers have the problem of inheriting the wrong “macho” concept of manhood–that one doesn’t cry, or feel, and being tough is being a man. There’s more being a man than that. More of a real warrior–well-rounded, healthy, loving in a man’s way, and being a great protector, teacher, guide, and creative. I’m not putting down all fathers, of course, but my dad was one of those emotionally-detached fathers. I also had raging issues, which alienated me from my wives, girlfriends, and my kids. Yes, men need to be strong, but not bullies. They need to know how to not get emotionally lost in situations, but not be cold and emotionless. They need to know the full variety of emotions as well as thinking and acting. Not just the most limited ways of doing things." Read more.

John Rechy and the Black Cat

Rechy is mentioned in the article "The Gay Bar: Why the gay rights movement was born in one" about the Black Cat, a gay bar in Los Angeles' Silver Lake neighborhood: "This 'was perhaps the first homosexual uprising in the world,' according to Gay L.A. READ MORE.

Alicia Gaspar de Alba in Ireland

The many times homophobic among other thing Voz of Aztlan lashed out againt Gaspar de Alba  in Chicana lesbians sully Irish university about her recent visit to Ireland. But read with a grain of salt as it is the Voz of Aztlan.

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