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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Delgadoisms: Poetic Wisdom for your Week: GANAS

Delgadoisms: Poetic Wisdom for your Week
by Lalo Delgado

When in distress

a one-word ticket to success


GANAS is that desire

which often over eats

and takes a siesta in us.

GANAS is that puntapie

we often need

to kick ourselves into action.

GANAS, if it were to be

a computer key-word,

would open up all the files

of opportunity to the possessor

of such a magical word.

GANAS, is job promotion

and security,

it is the A+

we never dreamed we could earn.

GANAS helps one learn,

makes one happy and proud.

GANAS is people of one mind

who wish to leave poverty behind,

people with the strong desire

to turn the world around,

to turn the world upsidedown.


March '91

(c) Abelardo Delgado 1991
Published with permission of the Delgado family.

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