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Octavio Romano

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Press Spotlight: El Paso Small Press: Mouthfeel Press

Mouthfeel Press is an indie press located in the border town of El Paso, Texas. They publish poetry in English and Spanish by new and established poets.  They say they love innovative, experimental, and contemporary poetry with engaging themes such as gender, sex, culture, language, folklore, spirituality, politics, art, and borderland issues. We believe writing is activism. 

They are publishing a Chapbook series.

Recently, they published Elisa's Hunger by one of my favorite poets, Carolina Monsiváis.

Of Monsiviais new chapbook, Elisa's Hunger, Maria Melendez states, "tongues unfold across generations as Monsivais' elegant honesties bring us bruises and nooses, yes, but also a balance of fruits and prayers and vivacious surprise --- Cantinflas in grandma's garden, for one!  Coiled around a remembered (and partly imagined) abuelita who, beyond her lipstick and pomegranate-wisdom, knows her way around litigation and dirty talk, these poems light the way for us as we look for the physical and spiritual threads that bind us to each other in our familia humana. Mistranslations become threshold moments where humiliation and alienation open out to the broader possibilities of metaphoric redemption."

Mouthfeel has also published El Pasoan Nancy Green's Crucified River/ RioCrucificado. "Crucified River is a bilingual collection of poems  that depict movement and the vicissitudes of life on the border. The ever-changing borderland serves as an inspiration to the author. The writing is the conscience and soul of the border." - Dr. Irasema Coronado, co-author of Fronteras No Mas: Toward Social Justice at the U.S.- Mexico Border.

Another notable book is Calaveras Fronterizas: Que Siga El Entierro
Poetry and Art for the Dead (Chapbook Bilingual Edition)By Rincon Bohemio
Chapbook Bilingual Edition

Buy book here:
A collection of poetry celebrating the Day of the Dead, written in English and Spanish. Featuring Calaveras, the traditional, satirical poetry of Mexico, written in quatrains that poke fun at death.
Also includes Calavera Art, and free-verse poetry by Southwest and West Coast writers.

Mouthfeel has these forthcoming titles:
Among the Mariposas
by Katherine Hoerth
Sunflower Cantos
by Robin Scofield
by Jessica Miller

More New Books In May tomorrow


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Anonymous said...

Gracias, Pluma Fronteriza, for supporting the small press world of El Paso. We are looking forward to more titles from Mouthfeel Press. Their poetry readings this spring were impressive. Really enjoyed the energy.