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Octavio Romano

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Missed another event yesturday

I kept getting posts from Rich on Facebook yesterday. I was all set to get my self to El Paso Community College, but I did not make it. But from what I hear, the Literary Festival went well.

I must admit, that during law school I had more time to put out Pluma Fronteriza and post on this blog than I do now. Leading an immigrant advocacy center has take an toll on my time, especially during this recession. I think also that I was reading so much Chicano/a literature since 2002, mostly for book reviews and Pluma Fronteriza purposes, that I got a bit exhausted. Throw in the fact that as a reviewer one has to read some bad stuff at times.

I've been throwing the idea of resurrecting Pluma Fronteriza soon. So I'm wondering what our Chicano writers and El Paso writers think. Plus, what direction should we run to.

Our resurrection probably will not be the PDF style newsletter we use to do. It just takes to much time to layout. Most likely, we will not go in the hardcopy direction.

Well, Chucenos and pachucotas, let me know your ideas.

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