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Sunday, July 24, 2011

El Paso Writers Update for Week of July 24, Part I

El Paso Writers Update for Week of July 24, Part 1 and Los Lagartos Update

Texas Higher Ed Chief

Several times, Raymund Paredes, Texas comissioner for Higher Ed has been in the news. Check out "Texas official: Higher ed can improve, cheaply" and "Raymund Paredes says higher education must be reinvented" and "Parsing the History of Perry's Higher Ed Battles"

Luis Jimenez, Jr.'s "Los Lagartos" Sculpture Controversy

Make sure to sign the petition asking El Paso's Mayor and City Council to Keep Luis Jimenez Jr.'s "Los Lagartos" (The Alligators) sculpture in El Paso's San Jacinto Plaza. SIGN PETITION NOW.

In case you have missed all the media on Luis Jimenez, Jr.'s "Los Lagartos" sculpture. Here's a few links:

‘Arbol de la Vida,’ alligators and art scene 
(El Paso Inc.)
By Betty Ligon

"I recall having talked with Luis when he expressed dismay a few years ago over the care the city failed to provide for his fiberglass alligators. He pointed out in no uncertain terms that he had designed it for San Jacinto Park as a site-specific installation. I agree wholeheartedly with his supporters to leave them leaping in the fountain."

Saving Luis Jimenez’ gators — El Pasoans won’t let go of a beloved city centerpiece(Borderzine)

"Downtown El Paso could soon lose one of its most beloved landmarks, created by one of the city’s most famous artists if a plan to renovate San Jacinto Plaza is approved and funded by the city council.

Luis Jimenez’s fiberglass sculpture, “Los Lagartos” has stood at the center of the plaza since 1995, would be replaced by shrubbery trimmed in the shape of alligators in the renovation plans donated by Mills Plaza Properties, owned by prominent El Paso businessman Paul Foster." (Borderzine)

 'Gator debate:' Luis Jimenez fans seek to keep sculpture Downtown 
(El Paso Times)
Ramon Renteria

Luis Jimenez's artwork still arouses controversy. This time, the famous Chicano sculptor's life-size fiberglass sculpture, "Plaza de los Lagartos," is in the middle of public debate about its future location.

Trish Long: Plaza first got alligator in 1889 
(El Paso Times)

There are many accounts of how alligators came to El Paso's San Jacinto Plaza, also known to generations of El Pasoans as Plaza de los Lagartos

New vision for San Jacinto Plaza presented 
(El Paso Times)

Bringing live alligators back to the San Jacinto Plaza is unlikely, as is keeping the existing Plaza de los Lagartos sculpture, according to a concept plan presented to the community Tuesday.

 Downtown evolution: Critics plan challenge of Plaza face-lift
(El Paso Times)

Tanny Berg, a longtime El Paso businessman, said that a legal challenge might be made to the method the city would use to improve the plaza.

(Pluma Fronteriza)
A man was ejected from City Council this morning after disrupting a controversial vote in which city representatives changed the name of San Jacinto Plaza to “Paul Foster Plaza.”

(Mayra Gallegos/Borderzine.com)
(El Paso What's Up)

Five years after Luis Jimenez, El Paso artist and favorite son, died tragically in an accident while building the “Mustang” sculpture for the Denver International Airport, he is still getting people’s dander up. You couldn’t have more fun if you dropped a slew of live alligators in San Jacinto Plaza and watched people run for cover.
Bruce Berman border-blog.com

This is the tra­di­tion and the Lagar­tos foun­tain has been sit­ting their since 1995 and from the moment it went up, the kids, and the vis­i­tors, the sol­diers, the Christ­mas and News Years cel­e­brants, the shop­pers, the peo­ple, have come to this plaza to be part of the Lagar­tos.

LUCHAR POR LOS LAGARTOS (Revista Juarez Dialoga)

Selfa Chew - Ante las batallas que libramos en la frontera por conservar nuestra vida, nuestras propiedades y nuestra dignidad, luchar por conservar la escultura de Los Lagartos en su sitio original en el centro de El Paso podría parecer un asunto superficial. Y sin embargo, el plan para remover esta pieza de arte es una manifestación más del poder que ejercen políticos y empresarios locales en ambos lados de lo que queda del Rio Bravo.

The Art of Luis Jiménez Inspires Mellon Fellow

(UNM Today)

The pub­lic art of sculp­tor Luis Jiménez has been an inspi­ra­tion for Eric Castillo, a Mel­lon Fel­low who recently com­pleted his dis­ser­ta­tion, “Expres­sions of Another Cen­ter: Bor­der­lands Visual the­ory & the Art of Luis Jiménez.” Castillo grad­u­ated in May.  

(El Paso Times)

For years, Plaza de los Lagartos was known as a central meeting point in El Paso. It was known for the live alligators and for the joy that it brought to people of all ages.

0058470_2 (El Paso Times) A light mist envelops the for alligators in San Jacinto Plaza, forming droplets on their fiberglass skin, One alligator reaches upward, snout open, as two others recline, contentment sculpted into their fiberglass faces.

(El Paso Times)
A 20-foot sculpture by Luis Jimenez that depicts a
Mexican cowboy was placed in front of the new Museum of Art Thursday, a bonus to help celebrate the opening of the $8 million facility.

(El Paso Times) 03/22/1969 An award-winning El Paso sculptor is having a successful showing of his work at Graham Gallery in New York City, Luis Jimenez Jr., the son of Mr. and Mrs, Luis Jimenez Sr. of 401 Pocano lane, is showing 12.

The 20-foot "Vaquero" sculpture -- created by El Paso artist Luis Jimenez and an icon on the local arts scene -- is leaving.

09/01/1953 Jack and Jill, a pair of alligators who outgrew their backyard diggings, Monday were turned over to the City and joined the alligator family in the plaza pool. Mrs. Myrtle Price, of 3508 Bisbee St., who bought the alligators...

Salazar Archives to USC

Interesting comments on Ruben Salazar's assassination. Check out L.A. County Mexican Community gets Snowballed 40 years later over Ruben Salazar: "The problem is there is really no such office. The office is directly under the Sheriff. He has the power to fire in the independent reviewer at will. He even signs his paycheck."

Meanwhile, Ruben Salazar's family has donated his archives to the University of Southern California. Read more. Also see Salazar Archives Donated to USC and amily donates Ruben Salazar's archives to USC (LA Times).

Chavez Leyva and David Romo (Photo: El Paso Times)

Chavez Leyva and Romo Featured Re Museo Urbano

Yolanda Chavez Leyva, now the second Chicana to take the chairship of UT El Paso's History Department and Ph.D. candidate David Romo (and author of Ringside Seat of Revolution) are in a feature about El Paso's new Museo Urbano. Read UTEP Professor and Student Lead Opening of Museo Urbano in South El Paso.

Cinco Puntos Down in New Orleans the Land of Dreams

See Cinco Puntos Press blog on their visit to the Big Easy: Hello New Orleans!

Interview with Rich Yañez on Debut Novel

Check out Richard Yañez in an interview in El Paso's What's Up: ‘Cross Over Water’ a literary gem set in Lower Valley

Ray Gonzalez Poems

Five of Ray Gonzalez' poems are published on Diode:

The Wolf Table

The garden of shame grows two trees—
one a yellow thing that bristles with tears,

the second a willow from the river.
When the man falls in love,

the black Madonna enters the country
to give him a child who never plants

gardens, but lives under the trees, ignoring
the willow until its branches grow higher.


Scholar to Give Talk on the former Rio Linda Neighborhood of El Paso's Segundo Barrio

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