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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top Ten Blog Post by Chicana(o)s in February 2011 on a Chicano(a) Writer Blog

Pluma Fronteriza, on monthly basis, puts together a list of the Top 10 Blog Posts by a Chicano(a) Writers on their own blog.There's a lot of good stuff from February, many experiences from the Big Freeze  of 2011. Both Michelle Otero, Sheryl Luna, and Daniel Chacon delve into this, if not in these blog posts I mention, in other posts.

Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano has two posts that made the list, as did Mario T. Garcia (his posts on Egypt and the cutting of funds for social programs from the Congressional budget). 

Some poems made the list: Rafael Jesus Gonzalez opens the Year of the Rabbit for us and Reyes Cardenas gives us a mummy duel and "Poor Mexican Women."

Michelle Otero and Sheryl Luna gives us continued thoughts on writing a la John Cougar "life goes on" in the everyday life of being a writer. When these books finally come out, I think I'll print these posts about their making and evolution, fold the posts then store them in Luna and Otero's books, respectively and, well... respectively. 

I'm sure El Guapo does not mean to be insensitive, but you got to admit the humor of his post. I admit, I laughed, so it makes #1.

Sheryl Luna's facts are not her own but from Vida: Women in Literary Arts on how much the top magazines in the United States publish women, so kudos to her for bringing this to our attention. Holy Shit, what we suspected all along.

Also, Sergio Troncoso's description of the working class and the "Packinghouse Poet" are a good read and appropriate as the Wisconsin legislature gives workers the shaft this morning. Then there's the always hilariaous Hells Nah's and her socially unacceptable rant. Several ties this last month. 

I know you see some of the same names from January making the list, but what you have below are some of the most Chicano@ prolific bloggers. Some other big (and small) writers blog, but not very much. You can see most of the blogs I track on the Pluma Fronteriza blog on the left side of the page. It also shows when the last time that writer posted. I'm always looking for new blogs I should track, and of course, they should be an author's own blog, and it doesn't matter how much you post either -- that is unless you want to make the Top 10.

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 Top 10 Blog Posts in February from a Chicano(a) Writer

10. Some discouraging numbers/facts by Sheryl Luna on the Dialectical Migration Blog


10. Budget debate leaves out the least among us by Mario T. Garcia on the National Catholic Reporter Blogs page.


9. If it were socially acceptable by oh hells ha on the oh hells nah blog


8.  Full Moon Year of the Rabbit 4709 by Rafael Jesus Gonzalez on his self-named blog.


7. Poor Mexican Women and Mummy Duet by Reyes Cardenas on the Chicano Poet Blog


6. Packinghouse Poet by Sergio Troncoso on the Chico Lingo Blog 


5. Egypt, César Chávez and Nonviolence by Mario T. Garcia on the National Catholic Reporter Blogs page. 


4. What Now?, Part III: The Infant by Michelle Otero on the Vessel Blog


3. Today, Ricky Martin matters more than ever by Lorezno Herrera y Lozano on the Hairspray and Fideo Blog.


2. Frida's in the Rainbow Honor Walk, and I am not happy by Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano on the Hairspray and Fideo Blog 


1. Ice in the Desert by Daniel Chacon on the Chacon n Chuco Blog 


1. TOP 10 Valentines Games For People With Herpes by El Guapo on El JumpingBean Blog

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