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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Top Blog Posts on a Chicano Writer Blog for Jan. 2011

Top 7 Blog Posts from a Chican@ Writer Blog 
in January 2011

Bueno, I've been taking some time to read through blogs of some Chican@ writers of late and I've been coming across some beautiful stuff. So I made a "Top 7 List" of posts on blogs of Chican@ writers for January 2011. I limited my rating to posts from Chicano Writers themselves, so here it goes (congrads to oh hells nah blog for having three post make the list):

Top 7 Blog Posts from a Chican@ Writer Blog 
in January 2011

7. A Note From Quetzalcoatl Sandoval, The Chicano Poet Blog (Reyes Cardenas)

An intriguing inside information on a Chicano in space.

6. A Very Brief History of Chocolate, on the oh hells nah blog

A yes, our people invented the stuff rant.

"Yikes, someone give her butter!"

 Spare parts and Plastic

3. Noche de reyes/12th night, Rafael Jesús González Blog

A delightful 12th night poem.

2. Jack Johnson Breakdown, on the Dialectical Migrations Blog (Sheryl Luna) 

An honest and straightforward meditation from an award-winning poet.

1. Satan's Billboards, on California Poet Blog (Roberto Vasquez)

A Humorous look at the Satanic

There are probably more Chican@ writer blogs out there. Well, let me step back, there are many out there, but they are not posted much. So for February, let us know of your blog or of others we should be paying attention to. We ask it be the author's own blog.

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