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Monday, November 21, 2005

El Plan de San Luis Potosi

The Mexican Revolution of 1910 began on November 20, 1910 when Francisco I. Madero issued his Plan de San Luis Potosi. My great-grandfather, Adalberto Mesta Cerda, fought in the revolution eventually becoming a Lt. Col in the revolutionary calvary. He died sometime during 1914 in a nameless grave. When or exactly where he died has been lost to the family and to history. Only stories and pictures exist. I wonder what type of man he was and what caused him to join the revolution. Did he join because of ideology? Was he wronged by rich hacienda owner? Que occurio? My relatives look at his photos and say he lives on through me.

Men and women like him were caught up by history and changed it. Recuerdos.

Link: English Translation of El Plan de San Luis Potosi.

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schlarb said...

My grandfather, Gil Gasca, came to Texas in approx. 1920. He wed my grandmother, Isabelle Trevino in 1921. They had a son, Enrique Gasca. My grandfather died in Louisiana in 1923. His father was Gilberto or Giliberto Gasca and his mother Isabel Marquez. He had 2 brothers: Rafael and Luis Gasca. Does anyone have any information?