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Monday, October 31, 2011

Lunes Con Lalo: Encounter and Financial Restrictions

Abelardo & Dolores Delgado (Emanuel Martinez)

Lunes Con Lalo
Poetic Wisdom for Your Week by Abelardo Delgado

I just heard
a misplaced word
as another minute
passed me by.
Each minute
comes much closer.
My heart behaves
My mind makes circles
of excitement
as if
life itself
was about to be born.
Two people bound to meet
cease being people
and entangle in some angelic harp
approach each other.
They don't run
to each
but fly with anxious wings
which in their hearts
happily flutter.
Time, jealous of the way
these two are using it,
refused to move.
It freezes their encounter
Their embrace
becomes a stone
and their kiss
turns to marble.
Their words become lava,
they taste desire's guava.


Financial Restriction

Match your good will
to a dollar bill.
Seven blessings
won't pay back rent.
I can't buy
a bag of groceries
with all your rosaries.

 From La Llorona: 43 Lloronas of Abelardo
(c) Abelardo Delgado

Published with permission of the Delgado Estate. 

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