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Saturday, October 02, 2010

El Paso Writer Updates: Pat Mora, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Ben Saenz, and more


Mora Withdrawal

El Paso is still recovering from Pat Mora's visit. See UT El Paso's press release on her visit to UTEP at this link: UTEP Welcomes World-Renowned Writer. 

Ever wonder what your favorite authors are reading. Check out Your Favorite Authors: What Are they Reading for Pat Mora's picks while at the National Book Festival.

Cd. Juarez and Gaspar de Alba featured in journal

Cd. Juarez and its violence appears in this fall's issue of MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the U.S.,

Volume 35, Number 3, Fall 2010. Irene Mata has an article on Alicia Gaspar de Alba's Desert Blood called "Writing on the Walls: Deciphering Violence and Industrialization in Alicia Gaspar de Alba’s Desert Blood". Mata says, "Gaspar de Alba’s novel is distinguished from other fictionalized accounts, because it goes further than simply addressing the violence of the border. This text moves beyond the quest for answers and provides an oppositional narrative that demonstrates the opportunities divergent thinking offers in the analysis of transnational systems of power." READ MORE.

Saenz wins another award

Benjamin A. Saenz'‘Last Night I Sang to the Monster’ won the  Nerds Heart YA 2010. Read more.

The Too Many Books Blog recently reviewed Saenz Book of What Remains: Saenz poem "reminded me of the times when you are awake at night, wondering about the past, or the future, or maybe the present, sometimes anxious but often contemplative. Sáenz's poetry usually caused me to do this, after I had put the book aside and turned out the light by my bed. Lie there, and think, and contemplate." READ MORE.


Interview with C.M. Mayo

The Latina Book Club Blog published its interview with C.M. Mayo. READ IT NOW.


Burciaga's work on display

Remember, that some of Jose Antonio Burciaga's works, along iwth other Chicano(a) artists, will be on display at the Galeria 4.0, A Retrospective at the Galeria de La Raza (92857 24th St, San Francisco, United States, 94110). The exhibit is currently running through January 29, 2011. Visit the Galeria de la Raza website for more information.


Rodriguez in Bosnia

Luis J. Rodriguez has gone to Europe once again, this time to Bosnia for the International Poetry Festival in Sarajevo. READ MORE.


Dr. Gonzo

A neat photograph of Hunter S. Thompson and Oscar Zeta Acosta was posted to Astronauts and All. See it now.


Carrasco featured in Maria Hinojosa show

See if you can catch La Plaza -- Maria Hinojosa; One-on-One on your PBS station. Native El Pasoan David Carrasco will be featured. 

"David Carrasco, a historian of religions and an expert on the Mexican/American borderlands, is the Neil L. Rudenstine Professor of the Study of Latin America at Harvard University. 


A recipient of the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle, the highest decoration that Mexico awards to foreigners, Carrasco is the author of many books, including City of Sacrifice: The Aztec Empire and the Role of Violence in Civilization, and the editor-in-chief of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures. He is currently working with a team of scholars to decipher the Mapa de Cuauhtinchan, a 16th-century map produced by the Chichimec people of Mexico." Website: www.wgbh.org/oneonone


 Marfa Brights: Dialogues

Benjamin A. Saenz, Sandra Rodriquez Nieto of El Diario de Juarez, and others participated in a panel at the Marfa Dialogues in Marfa, Texas. Read a report on the event. Read it now. 



Allocades for The Brothers Size, directed by Solis

Check out this San Francisco Chronicle review of 'The Brothers Size,' a Tarell Alvin McCraney play that Octavio Solis is currently directing: "The play's perfect storm of inchoate feelings and ideas, grasping for expression, seems tailor-made for director Octavio Solis, a noted playwright who shares McCraney's muscular lyricism, blend of naturalism and dreamscapes, and penchant for characters wrestling with anger born of social repression." 


 "....Magic Theatre’s production of The Brothers Size, magnificently directed by Octavio Solis, is immediate, compelling and unforgettable because it is a story that reflects every one of us," says Lynth Ruth Miller in Out of the Box. "THE BROTHERS SIZE AT THE MAGIC IS A DYNAMO EVENING," says Kedar Adour Reviews. READ MORE.


READ THE REVIEW. "Memo: you won’t need to wake me up when September ends," says the Stark Insider. "Some of the best, absolutely astonishing, acting in San Francisco–maybe even across the country–is now on display in The Brothers Size, which had a scorching opening last night at Magic (Magic Theatre)."


TX: State of Affairs in Ed - Paredes

When Raymund Paredes is mentioned these days, it usually has to do with money and higher education. See "Senate proposal to curb towering cost of college" in The Daily Texas. Paredes is quoted in a good article called "Data-Driven Accountability Emphasized In Higher Ed."


Benicio del Toro and John Rechy

Not really a book review but the Bloghomage to Benicio Del Toro focuses on John Rechy's City of Night. READ IT NOW


Chacon to Califas

American Latina/o Writers today say Daniel Chacon will be at the 13th Annual Latino Book & Family Festival (LBFF), October 9 and 10, 2010. READ MORE.

Dagoberto Gilb to be in El Paso this week

Dagoberto Gilb will be in El Paso this coming Wednesday, Oct. 6. at 5:30 p.m. at UT El Paso in the Tomás Rivera Conference Center, Student Union Building East, Room 308. Sponsored by Friends of the UTEP Library. Contact: (915) 833-3549.

 Also, Thursday, Oct. 7. There will be a presentation: “The Death of Rubén Salazar and the Vietnam Moratorium March” by Dr. Raúl Ruiz, Professor, Chicano/a Studies, California State University – Northridge. 12 p.m. at UT El Paso at Tomás Rivera Conference Center, Student Union Building East, Room 308. Sponsored by Chicano Studies, the Department of Communication and the Rubén Salazar Spanish Language Media Program. Contact: (915) 747-5462.

Coming soon

- 2000 Retrospective
- Scientists closer to discovering inner-workings of culinary combination
- Felipe Ortego y Gasca on Steinbeck
- Lunes con Lalo
- Book review of new Alurista book
- Interview with Dagoberto Gilb


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